VdoCipher: Winning the Battle Against Video Piracy

Indian tech company VdoCipher, an innovator in video player and piracy protection technology, has marked a significant success in fighting video piracy. Its latest innovation, the Piracy Tracker Engine, has proved instrumental in blocking thousands of piracy attempts. Here’s how they’re influencing the online content creation landscape.

VdoCipher Addresses Video Piracy Challenges

For over eight years, VdoCipher has been operating at the cutting edge of DRM Encryption and Dynamic Watermark technologies. Committed to protecting digital content creators, e-learning, and media platforms across the globe, they’ve added another layer of technology to their security stack. Their Piracy Tracker and Hacker Identification Engine, introduced six months ago, target various forms of piracy, including DRM breaches and illegal clone applications.

Impact of the Piracy Tracker Engine

The Piracy Tracker Engine has demonstrated impressive results in just six months since its inception. The company’s innovation has blocked more than 60,000 potential piracy attempts across over 700 content platforms. Thanks to VdoCipher, over 12,000 unique devices and IPs have been obstructed, and legal actions have commenced against 5 users.

Protecting the Future of Online Content Creation

Fighting video piracy, particularly significant in Europe, is crucial for both the content creator economy and the online education sector. VdoCipher’s CEO, Siddhant Jain, believes that video piracy not only drains creators’ revenue but also deprives learners from quality education. By ensuring content safety with their hosting solutions, VdoCipher aims to provide the best viewing experience for audiences across the globe while enabling more educators and creators to grow online.

In essence, VdoCipher’s innovative fight against video piracy signifies an important victory. The company is contributing significantly to protecting the revenue of digital content creators and providing a safe and secure platform for creators and viewers alike. With the promise of more exciting innovations to come, the future certainly looks bright!

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