News Puts AI Voices in the Hands of Developers

The world’s leading voice marketplace,, has announced it will launch a developer platform that will allow software designers to create AI-generated voices for their products and services. to Launch Developer Platform for AI Voices

The new platform, which includes APIs, libraries, and cloud infrastructure services, will enable developers to create, test, and deploy AI voices in real-time, without the need for a human voice actor. The developer platform aims to offer easy accessibility to AI voices for software developers, so they can integrate this functionality into their software applications.

Survey Reveals Growing Interest in AI Voices Among Customers

Voice actors have traditionally been the go-to resource for adding voiceovers to products and marketing materials. But according to a recent poll of customers, more and more people are interested in using AI voices. The survey, which polled more than 1,000 customers, found that 40% had used AI voices in the past, and another 60% were considering it in the future.

David Ciccarelli, CEO and Founder of, believes that AI voices are particularly suitable for short, informative, and frequently updated content, such as public service announcements, improvement to turn-by-turn directions, or e-learning modules. He emphasizes that while there is still a place for human voice actors, there are many situations in which an AI voice can be used with great efficiency.

Benefits and Best Uses for AI Voices, According to CEO

Ciccarelli’s view is that many applications would benefit from AI-generated voices, especially when the content changes frequently. He believes that the development of a technology that can create voices instantly is essential for these types of applications. Ciccarelli highlights the benefits of AI voices as they can save significant time and resources compared to traditional human voice actors, and they can produce consistent and accurate renditions of the same voice.

The platform is set to launch soon, and developers can join the wait-list by visiting

In conclusion, the development of an AI-generated voice platform by the world’s leading voice marketplace,, will enable software developers to easily create synthetic voices for their applications efficiently. The survey showed the growing interest in AI voices among customers. The platform’s CEO, Ciccarelli, shared his belief that AI voices are suited for short, informative, and frequently updated content. He also pointed out that there are many applications where AI voices could prove more efficient than human voice actors.

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