VVDN Unveils Cutting-Edge 5G Radio Units for Global Markets

In an exciting development for the technology industry, VVDN Technologies has presented a lineup of robust production-ready radio units for the private 5G network. These units are suitable for multiple countries and markets.

Introducing VVDN’s Advanced 5G Radio Units

VVDN’s line-up includes both Low Power (4T4R 1W) and Mid Power (4T4R 20W) radio units. These units are expressly designed to meet the demands of private 5G deployments. Notably, they support global requirements in Band 48 CBRS, Band n78/n77 (3400 to 4100 MHz), and bandwidth up to 100Mhz, TDD duplex mode 4T4R and 2T2R for indoor and outdoor applications.

The Innovation and Testing Behind Private 5G Solutions

The radio units are compliant with ORAN 7.0 and FCC/CE certified, making them incredibly reliable and versatile. The Private 5G Solutions from VVDN have been under research and development for more than four years and have undergone rigorous testing for factors such as on-time network launch, network performance, and downtime prevention. The solution, with its high performance, security, and flexibility, is ideal for complex facilities like warehouses, campuses, and stadiums among others.

VVDN’s Vision for Global Expansion and Partnerships

Not content with just releasing a reliable product, VVDN is actively seeking to collaborate with global OEMs, Telecom Operators, and System Integrators. The company has already engaged with customers in various markets – North America, Europe, UK, Japan, and South Korea. This global expansion and partnership vision are clear indications of VVDN’s commitment to making private 5G accessible and efficient for businesses worldwide.

In summary, with the roll-out of its innovative, tested, ready-to-deploy 5G Radio Units, VVDN Technologies paints a promising picture of 5G’s future. Their rigorous research and development processes underline the quality and reliability of these devices. Furthermore, their ambitious global expansion plans reflect their determination to make private 5G network solutions readily available, thereby revolutionizing the tech industry.

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