WAcademy Revolutionizes Web Design Internships for SMEs

Innovative EdTech company, WAcademy, has achieved a significant milestone in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) while providing training to aspiring web designers. Through its internship program and free web design services, WAcademy has supported over 30,000 clients and hundreds of interns. The company plans to expand its services globally and become the world’s #1 internship platform.

WAcademy Reaches Milestone with Innovative EdTech Approach

WAcademy, an EdTech company, has demonstrated its success by supporting SMEs and training web designers through its internship program. Founder, Gediminas Jankauskas, confirms their approach of providing real-life project experience to interns ensures they gain skills and experience much faster, “Our interns gained experience and skills much faster when working on real-life projects, so we saw great value in connecting them with SMEs via our internship program”. Building business and ecommerce websites can be challenging for SMEs due to prohibitive costs when hiring professional web designers.

How WAcademy Supports SMEs with Free Web Design Services

WAcademy intervenes with a solution for SMEs in the form of free web design services while simultaneously providing professional training for interns. Jankauskas acknowledges website builders costing between $20-30 dollars per month. However, while they are a cheaper option in the short term, they offer limited services and costs increase over time, “Website builders cost around $20-$30 per month, but they offer limited services, and the cost continues to add up over time.” WAcademy aims to help SMEs overcome the costs and fundamental challenges of building websites by providing free web design services. The company, therefore, provides value to SMEs via its internship program while also educating the designers of tomorrow.

WAcademy Plans to Globalize Internship Market and Launch New Platform

The company plans to double its number of business clients and launch a platform in 2023 to coordinate globally located interns and business clients, the roadmap towards globalizing the internship market. EdTech promises to level the educational field by making education accessible to everyone, anywhere, “EdTech makes education accessible to everyone with internet access. It is the future, and it will transform the job market to a truly global one.” By providing real-life experience to interns while supporting SMEs, WAcademy is in a position to create a more transparent and globally equitable job market for web designers.

In conclusion, EdTech company, WAcademy, is supporting SMEs while training the web designers of tomorrow. The company provides value to SMEs through free web design services while also providing interns with professional training. By globalizing the internship market, WAcademy aims to help create a globally equitable job market for aspiring web designers.


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