Wallonia’s Eureka Park Booth at CES 2022

Eureka park of Wallonia was seen with some very interesting startups at CES 2022. Wallonia has an excellent logistics infrastructure and multimodality. The Wallonia Export & Investment Agency (AWEX) is the institution in charge of the development and management of Wallonia’s domestic and international economic relations. AWEX is also committed to strengthening Wallonia’s position as the premier gateway for international investors seeking success in the heart of Europe.

Over the course of past participations, AWEX has encountered a lot of success. Therefore this year, AWEX collaborated with the Digital Agency, the TWIST cluster, and the Infopole TIC. Furthermore, it was to set up two separate Digital Wallonia startup stands at the CES show in Las Vegas from 5 to January 8, 2022. First was a Venetian Expo #51130. And, second was Eureka Park #61255. So, let’s look at the Wallonia startups displayed at Eureka Park.

Eureka Park

Startups at Eureka Park booth #61255


Wallonia's Eureka Park Booth at CES 2022

CicaLux® is a patented wearable device platform that elegantly combines the benefits of Heat, Pressure, Hydration, and Phototherapy (eg. Red Light / Blue Light Therapies) onto easy-to-use @home products ranging in applications from scar-care to anti-aging beauty masks. Their first product in the market is the Multi-award-winning CicaLux® – Energized Scar Therapy. It is the first triple-action combination-therapy device to work effectively and conveniently on both New and Old Scars.

CicaLux is now available in the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong, Egypt, Columbia, and India. Visit and Facebook/IG @cicalux_en for more information and to inquire about retailer and distributor opportunities in your country.


bimprinter Wallonia's Eureka Park Booth at CES 2022

Bimprinter® – A Mobile Topographic Printer. This traces layout in real scale with millimetric accuracy on a building site in a fully automated manner.


e peas logo vertical centered Wallonia's Eureka Park Booth at CES 2022

E-peas develops and markets disruptive ultra-low power semiconductor technology. This enables industrial and IoT wireless product designers to substantially extend battery lifespans. And further eliminate the heavy call-out costs of replacing batteries, without in any way compromising on reliability.

The company’s products rely on 15 years of research and patented intellectual property. These products increase the amount of harvested energy. Moreover, they drastically reduce the energy consumption of all power-consuming blocks within wireless sensor nodes. The startup is headquartered in Belgium and has additional offices in Switzerland and the USA. E-peas offers a portfolio of energy harvesting power management interface ICs, microcontrollers, and sensor solutions.


Eureka Park

LEVITA offers extraordinary visual experiences by highlighting prestigious pieces for commercial and artistic purposes. We use the art of magic to generate emotions and anchor a product in a strong and lasting way in the customer’s minds. LEVITA sublimates any object in a unique way thanks to its cutting-edge technology that allows the object to fly in a window display.

Currently, LEVITA has developed two products in the range Gravity Display: The Box & The Cute.

These two types of window displays are plug and play, very easy to set up, customizable, and allow the control of the path and speed of the object(s) in levitation. Besides the Gravity Display, LEVITA positions itself as a creative agency that offers innovative solutions to showcase any kind of product in unexpected ways and carries out tailor-made projects for an unforgettable result! We bring magical stories to life in the stores or on events.


masana Wallonia's Eureka Park Booth at CES 2022

Masana is a solution software development company. The startup is exclusively specialized in the healthcare sector. It is based in Tournai (Belgium). Their mission is to provide health care follow-up at home and coordination of the services needed with the objective to support people at home as long as possible in an optimal and secure way.


Eureka Park

Smart edge on-device AI with embedded NVIDIA GPU for smart cities, security, industry 4.0. AI-driven vision software and hardware to detect, segment, classify on a 4×4 inches electronic board. Some of their products are – Smart Parking, Smart Waste, Smart Crossing, The startup is looking for partners in the US. And it is distributed by TECH DATA.


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