Wallonia startups at CES 2022 – showcasing Venetian Booth

Wallonian startups were seen in full force at CES 2022. The Tech event was held in Las Vegas from 5 to 7 January 2022. Fifteen Walloon start-ups and SMEs presented their innovations at the world’s biggest tech event. In fact, their stand was actually opened by Gary Shapiro. However, the showstopper of the display was Levita’s levitating display case. Consequently, Wallonia has already been re-signed for next year, as it received such positive feedback and signed several contracts!  

Over the course of past participations, AWEX has encountered a lot of success. Therefore this year, AWEX collaborated with the Digital Agency, the TWIST cluster, and the Infopole TIC. Furthermore, it was to set up two separate Digital Wallonia startups stands at the CES show in Las Vegas from 5 to January 8, 2022. First was a Venetian Expo #51130. And, second was Eureka Park #61255. So, lets look at the Wallonia startups displayed at the Venetian Expo.

CES 2022 Wallonia startups at CES 2022 - showcasing Venetian Booth

Wallonia Startups at Venetian Expo – Booth #51130


Have you ever thought baout giving your image a (digital) voice persona?

Acapela is the European leader of voice solutions with 30 years of expertis. It also has an enthusiastic team, and a strong appetite for innovation. The company creates custom & personalized voices adapted to the context of the application, based on promising results of Voice AI.

Acapela Group helps you to create personalized digital voices that match your voice branding. Our voices, based on Neural text to speech, bring the persona to the user experience.

Acapela’s digital voices are available in over 30 languages and 200+ voices in the standard portfolio, in a wide range of solutions including cloud, speech engines, and advanced voice creation and audio production tools.


ALX Systems provides solutions, based on the use of drones and artificial intelligence, dedicated to industrial inspection, site security and autonomous transport. Moreover, an integrated technological approach combining hardware and software to allow easy integration into business processes.

A commercial approach facilitating access to all stakeholders. In the end it is a simple solution, based on high technology, to meet concrete needs.


Back2Buzz envisions to become a European key player in High Grade refurbished high end smartphones and green accessories. In fact, it envisions to be the preferred supplier of corporates wishing to extend their ecological footprint throughout the circular economy. Next to having developed a successful privileged distribution network of sound partnerships in Europe it envisions to enter non-European countries.

In the same way, Back2Buzz believes that the refurbishment of smartphones can reduce the electronic waste mountain and re-use dozens of minerals needed to fabricate a smartphone. Back2Buzz easily extends the life cycle of the smartphones by another 2 to 3 years by refurbishing them. Afterward, Back2Buzz launched an entire range of eco-friendly accessories. Additionally, some of them are entirely bio-degradable.

Besides, Back2Buzz developed a buy back program based on an app to calculate the residual value of a smartphone and check the cosmetics by an Autograding solution.


Founded in 1995, the company specializes in parking lot management. Capflow develops FlexiPark a suite of applications dedicated to parking lot management using licence plate recognition technology but not only.


FlexiPark is a fully automatic multimodal access control system based on ANPR, proxycards or bar/dot codes. Flexipark provides a complete suite of management tools based on in and out flows.


National Bank of Belgium, Baxter (Belgium), Vinci Facilities (France), Effage (France), Centre d’Etude Atomique-CEA (France), Novartis (France), l’ODEP et ANP (Marocco)


For more than 50 years, Deltrian has been manufacturing air filters that improve the quality of the air we breathe. Thanks to the work and dedication of their teams, the comapny provides the best filters to its’ customers. Moreover, their air filters are capable of filtering the smallest particles of polluted air and provide clean air.

They aspire to be a leading player, to lead change, to innovate and to grow. But above all, they want to achieve this goal by making responsible choices and taking decisions that take into account not only today’s data, but also their potential impact on tomorrow.


intoPIX is an innovative technology provider of low power, low complexity image processing and video compression IP-cores. The technologies that we license are enabling the simplified connectivity, reduced latency, reduced power and an increased quality in many devices and applications.

At CES 2022, they showed how the new image Sensors and cameras, automotive ADAS systems, mobile devices, 8K displays, 5G/ wireless video devices get benefit from our technologies.

The following technologies were highlighted at the show:

  • JPEG XS technology – the first IP-core & software implementations of the new ISO JPEG XS compression algorithm (for ASIC, FPGA and software). JPEG XS is the standard for microsecond-latency lightweight video compression, known as intoPIX TicoXS®. (
  • TicoRAW technology – the new low memory and low complexity raw image processing and compression designed to reduce bandwidth and preserve raw image sensor data information.
  • Flawless imaging (FIP) and FlinQ technologies – This technology is especially designed for 5G and other wireless applications, cloud-based gaming. Where we cannot compromise on latency and image quality. intoPIX will demonstrate new efficient ways to transmit, store or manage higher resolutions (HD, 4K, 8K). It reduces device’s power consumption, complexity, memory, and video bandwidth. It offers a zero latency preserving lossless quality (from 4:1 down to 20:1 compression) and preserving high dynamic range (HDR) for both visualization and analytics. The startup’s IP-cores are licensed under several platforms including ASIC, FPGA, GPU or CPU. Visit the intoPIX booth (booth #51130 – Venetian Expo) to see live demonstrations of the intoPIX technologies. To learn more about intoPIX or arrange a private demonstration.


Founded in 2017, LINE is on a mission to reinvent what’s around today’s computers in a singular way. We are committed to creating unique products and experiences combining aesthetics and functionality for today’s creatives and business professionals.


As a specialist in the behavioural analysis of elderly people, MintT has developed a technological approach to help elderly people to pursue an active and autonomous life. ISA, the assistant in case of falls. Based on a 3D sensor and AI, ISA revolutionizes fall detection and prevention. ISA is installed in the room and living environment of people with a risk of fall. The person as nothing to wear for 100% comfort and security compared to traditional wearable solutions. Autonomous and non-intrusive, ISA has the embedded intelligence needed to detect all types of falls.ISA is designed to lighten the work of carers while improving the quality of care services.

At MintT, we cater for patients’ safety, carers’ work quality and family’s peace of mind.

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