Airties Unveils Game-Changing Smart Wi-Fi Hub in India

In a significant move to fortify its Smart Wi-Fi solutions, Airties has unveiled a new Software Innovation Center in Bangalore, India. The center aims to propel Airties ahead in the realms of AI, cloud services, and DevOps, marking a milestone in the company’s global expansion and commitment to technological excellence.

Airties Opens Innovations Hub in Bangalore

The newly inaugurated R&D center represents Airties’ first foray into India, joining the company’s global presence across France, Belgium, Turkey, and the USA. With plans to employ around 100 specialized software engineers, the Bangalore center is set to become a pivotal hub for enhancing the Airties Cloud management platform. The launch event saw participation from company executives and local dignitaries, emphasizing the strategic importance of this expansion.

Airties’ Mission: Enhancing Broadband with AI

A relentless pursuit of innovation drives Airties, particularly in utilizing AI and data science to improve broadband services worldwide. The company’s Smart Wi-Fi technology, leveraging hybrid cloud-edge architecture, optimizes Wi-Fi performance by directing devices to the best connectivity points based on real-time conditions. This commitment to advancing broadband capabilities reflects Airties’ vision of delivering unparalleled connectivity experiences, with the Bangalore center playing a crucial role in this journey.

Awards and Accolades: Recognizing Airties’ Impact

Airties’ contributions to the broadband and Wi-Fi industry have not gone unnoticed. The company has garnered numerous prestigious awards, such as the “Best Home Wi-Fi Solution Award” from Broadband World Forum and the “Best Wi-Fi Service Provider Solution” award. These accolades not only exemplify Airties’ commitment to excellence but also underscore the industry’s recognition of its innovative solutions that enhance the broadband experience for users worldwide.

In summary, Airties’ new Software Innovation Center in Bangalore is set to be a game-changer in the Smart Wi-Fi landscape. By bolstering its capabilities in AI, cloud services, and DevOps, Airties reaffirms its commitment to pushing the boundaries of broadband technology. With a well-established reputation and a growing list of industry accolades, Airties is poised to continue leading the charge in providing superior Wi-Fi solutions to operators and consumers alike.

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