OceanBase Elevates Cloud Database Reach with Google

In a significant development announced at the OceanBase INFINITY tech conference in Jakarta, OceanBase declared its listing on the Google Cloud Marketplace. This pivotal move not only amplifies OceanBase’s presence in the cloud database domain but also marks a strategic extension of their services across global markets.

OceanBase Expands its Reach with Google Cloud

The integration into the Google Cloud Marketplace enhances OceanBase’s capability to support multi-cloud deployments. By embracing this new platform, OceanBase paves the way for its comprehensive suite of cloud database products and services, offering unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. This expansion is a leap towards addressing the evolving needs of international customers, fostering an ecosystem of efficiency and reliability.

Boosting Global Connectivity in 80 Zones

With its services now extending over 30 geographical regions and covering 80 availability zones, OceanBase showcases impressive scalability and performance. Such an extensive reach not only solidifies OceanBase’s global footprint but also ensures that customers worldwide have seamless access to high-performance, data-intensive transactional workloads and real-time operational analytics. The achievement demonstrates OceanGroup’s commitment to delivering ultra-fast, robust database solutions on a global scale.

OceanBase’s Vision of Unified Database Solutions

OceanBase CEO, Evan Yang, shared the company’s vision for a unified database product strategy, aiming to simplify database management across diverse cloud environments. This strategy is designed to resolve critical business challenges efficiently, with OceanBase’s multi-cloud approach ensuring high availability and resilient database management. Furthermore, the revelation of strategic partnerships with local resellers in Indonesia emphasizes OceanBase’s dedication to closer, more accessible customer service and support.

By securing its place on the Google Cloud Marketplace, OceanBase not only champions a broader, more connected future for cloud database services but also reinforces its role as a pivotal player in the global tech landscape. This initiative, combined with its award-winning performance and strategic partnerships, positions OceanBase as a key enabler for businesses seeking scalable and effective database management solutions. As it continues to innovate and expand, OceanBase is undoubtedly setting new benchmarks for excellence in cloud database technology.

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