ALCEDIAG and SYNLAB Blood Test Redefines Bipolar Diagnosis

An estimated 2.3% of the European population is affected by bipolar disorder, with an average of 8-10 years passing from symptom onset to diagnosis. This is due to the overlapping symptoms with depression, and the diagnosis is usually based on clinical examination by a psychiatrist.

Revolutionizing bipolar diagnosis with EDIT-B™ blood test

Good news from ALCEDIAG and SYNLAB could now change this. On the occasion of the 31st EPA congress, they announced the availability of the world’s first CE-marked blood test designed to differentiate BD from depression – EDIT-B™.

EDIT-B™ uses RNA editing and artificial intelligence algorithms to capture the signals of the malfunctioning brain and quickly differentiate between bipolar disorder and depression in patients. Clinically validated in two independent studies with remarkable sensitivity and specificity above 80%, EDIT-B™ aims to reduce the diagnostic delay to a few days, offering patients improved care and management.

Validated clinical studies show high specificity and sensitivity

The test measures the RNA editing of specific markers in patients’ blood, which ALCEDIAG developed and ensured regulatory compliance, using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology coupled with proprietary algorithms using AI. The introduction of this biological test in psychiatric practice is a revolution initiating a new area of research where biology and psychiatry can come together.

According to Dr. Dinah Weissmann, co-founder, and scientific director of ALCEDIAG, “When the brain malfunctions, it sends signals just as a sick liver would. These signals, or biomarkers, can then be captured by a blood test, based on RNA editing, allowing for a faster diagnosis.”

Impact of EDIT-B™ on patient care and mental health management

By reducing diagnosis wandering, EDIT-B™ positively affects patients’ care, and the test is now available for specialized healthcare professionals and their patients in Italy. The availability of the EDIT-B™ test will be a game-changer in psychiatric practice as it complements the existing clinical scales and improves patient care and management.

Giovanni Gianolli, CEO of SYNLAB Italy, states, “We are very proud to be part of the EDIT-B project, which will give an answer to so many patients who must face such a difficult patient journey before being diagnosed.”

ALCEDIAG and SYNLAB are creating a revolution in psychiatric practice by introducing the world’s first CE-marked blood test to differentiate bipolar disorder from depression. Clinically validated in two studies, EDIT-B™ is a game-changer in psychiatric diagnosis, helping patients receive quicker diagnosis and care. It is now available for specialized healthcare professionals and their patients in Italy and will soon be available in France, Switzerland, and other countries gradually.


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