News’s Move Fortifies Industry Leadership in Risk Solutions, a leading native AI insurance software solution, has announced its acquisition of risk management information system (RMIS) provider Inform from Cloud Software Group, Inc. Craig Weiss, who has been a part of the Inform team for 22 years, will join as part of the acquisition. The integration of Inform’s comprehensive and user-friendly RMIS into’s existing risk, claims, and analytics product suite will benefit insurance providers, self-insured organizations, and government entities. Acquires Cloud Software Group’s Inform for Enhanced Risk and Claims Management has announced its acquisition of informative RMIS provider Inform from Cloud Software Group, Inc. This strategic move solidifies’s position as an industry leader in the native AI risk and claims management software space. With over 20 years of experience in delivering efficient, easily deployable solutions to customers across different lines of business,’s platform is known for harnessing the power of native AI and machine learning to predict, uncover, optimize, and detect, thus elevating the insurance industry’s capabilities while setting new innovation benchmarks.

Craig Weiss Joins After 22 Years with Inform

Craig Weiss expressed his excitement about’s forward-thinking vision and its impact on the industry. He stated that joining after his 22 years with Inform and as an expert in RMIS would complement their ability to bring industry-leading, comprehensive risk management solutions to the market. to Integrate Inform’s RMIS for Improved Risk Landscape Visibility

The integration of Inform’s RMIS into’s existing system means that customers can make better-informed decisions and gain a complete, accurate view of their risk landscape. The complementary offerings from and Inform create a compelling value proposition for businesses seeking innovative, future-focused risk management solutions. Brijesh Kumar, CEO of, expresses his enthusiasm for the acquisition and states that this strategic move improves their position as an industry leader in the native AI risk, claims, and analytics software space, strengthening their ability to predict risks before they create unfavorable reputations or financial performance.

In conclusion,’s acquisition of Inform is a strategic move, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to delivering advanced risk management solutions for businesses seeking to remain innovative and future-focused. The complementary offerings of and Inform will make it possible for customers to make better-informed decisions and achieve a complete, accurate view of their risk landscape.

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