Arelion Fuels Tech Growth in Monterrey with New Client Win

Global internet carrier, Arelion, continues to make strides in Mexico’s connectivity market. By securing a new customer in Monterrey, the company is expanding its footprints even further. Powered by the world’s #1 internet backbone, Arelion is committed to empowering Conexity with low-latency, diverse connectivity services.

Arelion Secures New Customer in Monterrey

Adding to its extensive presence in Mexico’s connectivity market, Arelion has recently bagged a new customer, Conexity. This move is part of Arelion’s aggressive expansion into Mexico’s bustling tech and nearshoring markets. Furthermore, Arelion offers direct connectivity to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in the new Oracle Cloud Monterrey Region.

Powered by the #1 Internet Backbone

Arelion’s network is recognized as the world’s #1 internet backbone. It is the powerhouse behind Conexity’s seamless technology services in Monterrey’s private and government sectors. Regional Director at Arelion, Edison De Leon, said, “Our diverse internet backbone will serve the technology requirements of business-critical applications in the health, government and education sectors crucial to Monterrey’s continued economic growth.”

Arelion and Conexity: A Partnership for Innovation

Working with Conexity, Arelion is set to play a crucial role in driving regional technological innovation. Conexity’s CEO, Felix Martínez, spoke highly of Arelion, acknowledging that their IP services will help power their critical infrastructure. Coupled with Conexity’s versatile communications and IT service offerings, this partnership promises sustainable business growth in Monterrey.

In conclusion, Arelion’s expansion in Mexico, empowered by its world-leading internet backbone, is creating a significant impact. Its strategic partnership with Conexity will drive technological innovation in critical sectors, aiding Monterrey’s continued economic growth. As the company continues to grow, we can expect more advancements in the tech and connectivity landscapes in Mexico and beyond.

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