Huawei Unveils Trailblazing National Cloud 2.0 for Global Governments

Huawei has unveiled National Cloud 2.0, their new solution aimed at accelerating digital transformation and intelligent upgrade for national and regional governments. This remarkable move upholds the ongoing global shift towards embracing data- and AI-driven industry intelligence for greater economic growth and effective governance.

Unveiling Huawei’s National Cloud 2.0 Solution

At the forefront of this digital revolution is Huawei’s National Cloud 2.0 solution. Leveraging their extensive experience and innovation in Information and Communication Techno-centric (ICT) development, this cutting-edge solution is designed to provide trusted cloud infrastructure, advanced cloud services, and an extensive spectrum of industry expertise necessary for national digital strategies. It includes trusted cloud infrastructures backed by Huawei’s powerful software and hardware technicalities, data and AI-powered innovative cloud services, and a lengthy list of professional services tailored to assist government customers.

Innovative Capabilities of Huawei Cloud Stack

The power behind the National Cloud 2.0 solution is the Huawei Cloud Stack, a hybrid solution that offers continuous synchronization of cloud services from the Huawei public cloud. Being the industry’s first hybrid cloud capable of deploying AI models, this cloud stack is equipped with high-performance cloud native infrastructures, innovative data sharing systems, and a distributed cloud database that provides high availability and security. Furthermore, it provides an Open Ecosystem highly compatible with mainstream operating systems, hardware, and third-party applications.

Huawei’s Cloud Partnerships: Real-Life Applications

To date, Huawei Cloud Stack is servicing over 5,200 government and enterprises across the world. With examples ranging from the National Telecom Public Company Limited (NT) in Thailand establishing a national cloud to Uzbekistan launching a secure and reliable national cloud for a nationwide e-governance system, Huawei continues to mould the future of governmental digitalization and public services.

As the momentum for digital transformation revs up globally, Huawei’s commitment to sustained investments in cloud and AI technologies is poised to enhance national digital transformation efforts. The Huawei National Cloud 2.0 is a solid testament to that commitment, heralding a promising era for smart city governance and AI-model deployment across national and regional governments.

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