BitChute Champions Free Speech with New FreeSpeak Fund

Video service provider BitChute catapults into the spotlight with its unequivocal stand on Julian Assange’s case and the announcement of the FreeSpeak Fund. BitChute reaffirms its commitment to protecting and promoting free thought and expression worldwide.

BitChute’s Stand on Julian Assange’s Case

Renowned for its pro-free speech stance, BitChute has publicly voiced its support for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Facing extradition to the US and charged with publishing classified documents, Assange has been at the center of a major global discourse on government transparency and accountability. BitChute’s founder, Ray Vahey, emphatically stated, “People like Assange are part of the solution – not the problem.” Defending the role of investigative journalism, Amy Peikoff, BitChute’s Chief Policy Officer said, “Julian Assange is being made an example of, for doing precisely what a free press should do: serve as a check against government overreach and corruption.”

Introduction of BitChute’s FreeSpeak Fund

Playing an active role in upholding the principles of free thought and expression, BitChute has launched the FreeSpeak Fund. This initiative is yet another step towards standing with individuals who face legal challenges due to their commitment to free speech. Through this, BitChute aims to provide a platform where all opinions can be expressed without the fear of censorship or reprisal.

BitChute’s Invitation to Other Platforms

Expressing solidarity, BitChute has extended an invitation to other platforms to join their FreeSpeak Fund in order to establish a strong coalition dedicated to preserving this essential human right. The aim is to defend and advance free speech worldwide by uniting forces with other platforms, including X and Rumble.

In conclusion, BitChute’s steadfast commitment to safeguarding free speech is evident with their discernible support for Assange, the launch of the FreeSpeak Fund and their open arm approach towards fostering alliances with other platforms. It is their belief that free thought and expression are foundational for a civilised society and they have shown an unflinching determination to protect these principles worldwide.

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