Kyndryl Unveils Game-Changing Unified SIM Service

In a major technological leap forward, Kyndryl, the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, has announced the launch of a unified, multi-IMSI SIM service. This innovative solution promises to significantly expand connectivity options while ensuring optimal performance and cost management across industrial environments.

Kyndryl Launches Multifaceted Unified SIM Service

The newly unveiled service boasts the capability to extend its reach to over 150 countries through global carriers. It’s designed to dynamically switch between private LTE/5G and public mobile networks for optimal connectivity. Kyndryl‘s service caters to industries relying on private LTE/5G networks to manage crucial infrastructure, enhancing their performance and uptime. Any network failure triggers an automatic switch between private and public wireless networks, ensuring uninterrupted services.

Boosting Security and Reliability for Enterprises

With a sharp focus on security, Kyndryl’s unified SIM provides reliable private IP network access to critical services and applications. This includes IoT devices, machinery tracking, and automated digital procedures accessible on mobile devices outside of manufacturing plants. In addition, the unified SIM supports enterprises envisaging corporate applications and tools availability, regardless of location and time, catering for today’s hybrid workforce.

Kyndryl’s Vision For Optimized Connectivity

As the digital transformation wave heightens, Kyndryl’s unified SIM is set to bolster organizations’ shift towards SD-WAN/SASE to meet the escalating data demands of SaaS and cloud applications. Featuring end-to-end encryption to any public cloud for customers deploying Kyndryl unified SIM, enterprises can leverage Kyndryl’s managed services and Kyndryl Bridge to access and manage devices and infrastructure from remote locations.

In summary, Kyndryl’s new service heralds a new era of connectivity for enterprises. Offering the ability to switch between private and public networks seamlessly, increasing security and reliability, and ultimately providing optimized connectivity experience. The launch of the unified SIM positions Kyndryl at the forefront of the global technological landscape.

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