BENlabs AI Tool For Short-Form Videos: Boost Audience Engagement and Drive Revenue

BENlabs, the leading entertainment AI company, has announced the release of a new product aimed at revolutionizing short-form video content creation. TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts and Vertical Video Tool is a new AI-driven capability in BENlabs’s TubeBuddy SaaS platform that will help creators and brands to improve audience engagement and revenue through short-form videos. The announcement follows YouTube’s decision to monetize short-form videos.

BENlabs releases New Tool for Short-Form Videos

The TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts and Vertical Video is a new AI-driven tool that provides intelligent recommendations and tools for converting high-engagement long-form video into short-form video content. This innovative tool will give creators and brands alike the ability to drive traffic and revenue in all short-form video platforms, including social media, streaming, TV, and film.

AI Driven Insights and Recommendations Boost Engagement

The power of AI and unstructured data is unlimited, and BENlabs is excited to release new intelligent tools to empower users of its services. As the leading entertainment AI company, BENlabs wants to put the power of AI into the hands of creators and brands to help them identify emerging opportunities. With the TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts and Vertical Video Tool, users can utilize AI-driven recommendations combined with a user-friendly interface to parallel traffic and revenue to their channels. 72% of users who participated in beta testing found this tool useful and reported they would be disappointed if this feature was not permanently available to them.

TubeBuddy Users Report Increased Traffic and Revenue

The new tool can also predict click-through and retention of videos posted, which translates to high viewership and increased revenue. The insights that come with using this tool are so useful that many beta users reported the tool gave them an increased ability to create successful shorts. TubeBuddy CEO Ricky Ray Butler said, “Short-form and vertical videos have taken over as the go-to format for finding new audiences, and the creators who aren’t posting clips taken from their long-form content will fall behind. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Soon, this tool will also predict click-through as well as retention of these videos.”

The new AI-driven short-form tool is a paradigm-shifting product for the entertainment, brand, and marketing industries. It gives creators and brands the ability to improve their short form, and vertical video content and channel growth while intelligently engaging with their audience.

Conclusion: BENlabs’s new product, TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts and Vertical Video Tool, is an innovative tool set to revolutionize short-form content creation, audience engagement, and revenue growth across all short-form video platforms. The tool is a paradigm-shifting product, offering creators and brands the ability to create successful shorts, identify emerging opportunities, and intelligently engage with their audience.

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