Blues Unveils Game-Changing Starnote in IoT Landscape

Blues, the innovative leader in IIoT technologies and global connectivity solutions, has revealed its partnership with Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) service provider, Skylo Technologies. The alliance aims to launch Starnote, an add-on extension to Blues’ flagship product, Notecard. The advent of Starnote signals a game-changing shift in the IoT ecosystem and satellite connectivity landscape.

Blues Partners with Skylo for Starnote Launch

The Starnote module provides an efficient and reliable satellite connectivity backup for Blues’ customers. This is especially relevant for devices beyond the standard reach of cellular coverage. Seamlessly connecting to the installed Notecard, Starnote offers automatic satellite fallback for devices primarily connected via LTE Cat-M, LTE Cat-1, NB-IoT, GPRS, or Wi-Fi. Blues CEO, Ray Ozzie, emphasizes that Starnote’s affordability and ease of use bring an unprecedented accessibility to satellite coverage.

Satellite Connectivity Revolution with Starnote

Starnote heralds a revolutionary approach to satellite IoT, making it increasingly accessible and affordable. Traditionally, high satellite connectivity costs compelled businesses to build and manage their own remote networks. However, with Starnote’s introduction, customers will not have to bear any satellite-related charges during device dormancy or when operating in regions with ample cellular coverage. This eradicates investment in monitoring systems or labor for cost-saving measures. Tarun Gupta, Co-founder of Skylo Technologies, expressed his honor in partnering with Blues to expand affordable satellite connectivity.

Continuous Coverage and Affordability: Starnote’s Impact

Drawing upon the business model of Blues’ cellular Notecard product, Starnote presents a paradigm shift by eliminating monthly fees and providing pre-paid data bundles. Devices employing Starnote can offer instant time-sensitive alerts, irrespective of geographical location. The aspect of uninterrupted and cost-efficient coverage presents a boon to businesses requiring cloud connectivity in remote areas, including sectors like smart agriculture, marine telematics, global logistics and shipping, and more.

In conclusion, the partnership between Blues and Skylo Technologies to launch Starnote signifies a transformative stride in satellite connectivity. Starnote’s unique aspects of affordability, continuous coverage, and seamless integration into IoT devices underscore the potential for expansive growth in the IoT ecosystem and overall market.

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