Cambium Networks Unleashes Game-Changing Wireless Solutions

Leaders in networking solutions, Cambium Networks, have unleashed an exciting announcement. Enabling Canada’s network operators, service providers, and enterprises to provide speeds over 1 Gbps, they’ve launched new 6 GHz outdoor fixed wireless and Wi-Fi solutions. Furthermore, their ePMP 4600 is the first of its kind to achieve the recognition of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

Cambium Networks Announces the ePMP 4600

This breakthrough pertains to Cambium Networks’ ePMP 4600 platform. Known as the first outdoor fixed wireless solution to secure certification from ISEDC, it’s rightly creating a stir. Especially, since it allows for the deployment of greater than 1 Gbps speeds. More so, it ushers in a new way for service providers to expand their networks. Luckily for them, orders are being accepted from Cambium Networks resellers.

Key Differentiators of the ePMP 4600 Platform

The ePMP 4600 platform gives brand new meaning to scalability. With up to 120 subscribers per sector, it illustrates what is achievable with the fourth generation of Cambium’s ePMP platform. Moreover, it’s characterized by a unique interference tolerance with MU-MIMO and beam-steering. As if that weren’t enough, its capacity can reach up to 4 Gbps per sector. This breakthrough technology promises affordability for operators in either low-density rural areas or high-density suburban areas while keeping a low TCO tailored to market economics.

Expansion into PMP 450v and XE3-4TN Platforms

But Cambium Networks doesn’t stop here. They’re also expanding into the realms of PMP 450v and XE3-4TN platforms. Service providers with existing PMP 450 networks can increase capacity and service levels using the new PMP 450v without needing to upgrade the equipment at the subscriber location. The XE3-4TN then, is a high-performance tri-radio outdoor access point suited to strenuous demand from enterprise and municipal outdoor Wi-Fi use.

In conclusion, Cambium Networks is once again leading the charge with technology that will completely reimagine network utilizations and capabilities. Their ePMP 4600, PMP 450v, and XE3-4TN platforms ensure industry leaders can now provide unparalleled connectivity in more areas, all the while keeping a keen eye on operational efficiency and affordability. This is not just a step forward; it’s a leap towards the future of wireless networks.

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