Bolstering Security: Bugcrowd Acquires Informer

San Francisco-based Bugcrowd, a leader in crowdsourced security, has acquired Informer, an advanced player in external attack surface management (ASM) and continuous penetration testing. This business move solidifies Bugcrowd’s position as an innovative industry force while expanding their offerings to clients across all sectors.

Bugcrowd Acquires Informer: Boosting Security Offerings

In a well-rounded strategic acquisition, Bugcrowd, Inc. has bought Informer, a noteworthy name in the realm of attack surface management and penetration testing. Bugcrowd aims to expand its reach and capabilities, aiming for growth and constant innovation. With the integration of Informer’s technology, Bugcrowd hopes to accelerate its service delivery while addressing the dynamic security needs of its clients.

Unifying Expertise for Stronger Cybersecurity

The union of Bugcrowd and Informer brings together an extensive range of cybersecurity experts. Bugcrowd’s mission to predict and anticipate cyber risks will be bolstered with Informer’s ability to identify potential vulnerabilities in an organization’s external platforms. This synthesis of skills aims to mitigate risk across all applications, systems, and infrastructure, providing a combined expertise that is set to disrupt traditional penetration testing.

Implication for Customers: New Enhancements and Services

With this acquisition, customers can look forward to additional advances in their proactive security tools. Informer’s expert-led penetration testing capability, integrated with Bugcrowd’s platform, offers a stronger ASM platform that combines continuous asset discovery and penetration testing. The high-value asset discovery and monitoring benefits will be extendable to multiple use cases, providing customers with extensive visibility into their security perimeter.

In conclusion, Bugcrowd’s acquisition of Informer is set to drive significant advancements in their cyber risk management offerings and seamless customer experience. With enhanced threat exposure management and proactive cybersecurity measures, Bugcrowd continues to forge its path as a leader in crowdsourced security in the tech world.

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