Gaudio Lab Elevates Recording with ‘Just Voice Recorder’

Leading AI audio technology company, Gaudio Lab, takes the leap in revolutionizing recording applications with its latest product, the “Just Voice Recorder”. Powered by state-of-the-art AI noise cancellation technology, this app promises to deliver unrivaled recording and playback capability.

Introducing ‘Just Voice Recorder’: Gaudio Lab’s Latest Innovation

In an effort to set a new standard in recording applications, Gaudio Lab revealed ‘Just Voice Recorder’. Not only does it ensure recordings are securely saved on-device, but it also addresses major concerns regarding data privacy and security. Currently, the application is available for iOS and plans for an Android version are underway.

Key Features of Just Voice Recorder: AI-Powered Recording

One standout feature of ‘Just Voice Recorder’ is its AI noise reduction technology, which expertly isolates and enhances human voices in recordings. Tested and well-received, it was a CES Innovation Award recipient and a finalist at the SXSW Innovation Awards 2024. In addition, the app boasts superior loudness management, ensuring fatigue-free, comfortable playback.

Another remarkable feature of this app is its playback functionality for previously recorded files. This enables users to clarify content obscured by background noise. Hence, it is ideal for a wide range of recording needs – from field interviews to capturing precious memories.

Gaudio Lab: A Pioneer in AI Audio Technology

Established in 2015, Gaudio Lab has made substantial strides in the world of sound technology. Their work on spatial audio technology for headphones was adopted as the binaural renderer for the ISO/IEC MPEG-H Audio standard in 2014. Moreover, the company has consistently received recognition for their work, including numerous CES Innovation Awards and nominations for the SXSW Innovation Awards.

In conclusion, ‘Just Voice Recorder’ is an impressive addition to Gaudio Lab’s portfolio. With its innovative AI noise reduction technology, it sets a new standard in recording applications, reflecting Gaudio Lab’s commitment to delivering superior sound technology to all its users.

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