SonicFi Unveils Game-changing SMB Solutions at CommunicAsia 2024

SonicFi Inc., an emerging leader in network solutions, debuts its exclusive products aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. Their new range, called the Ronto series, combines cloud technology and AI-based optimization, addressing the IT administrative challenges in such enterprises.

SonicFi Launches Ronto for SMBs at CommunicAsia 2024

SonicFi’s launch at CommunicAsia 2024 marks its proactive entry into the SMB market. The Ronto series has a diverse set of products, including Controller, Indoor Wall Mount Access Point, Indoor Ceiling Mount Access Point, Managed Switch, and Outdoor Long Range Fixed Wireless Access Point. SonicFi’s in-house developed cloud platform and AI-optimization make these offerings an optimal solution for SMBs.

Innovative Features of Ronto SMB Solutions

The unique proposals of Ronto products are simplicity and efficiency in managing enterprise networks for SMBs. Through intuitive mobile applications, network deployment and management become streamlined. Some of the standout features include easy installation, zero-touch provisioning, cloud-based multi-site management, real-time topology, WiFi QoE insight, and AI-based QoE engine. These features aim to ease the network management demands on IT staff of SMBs.

SonicFi’s Future Plans for SMB Product Line Expansion

Keeping a keen eye on fulfilling the diverse needs of their customers, SonicFi plans to broaden its SMB product line. Near the end of June, WiFi 7 Enterprise Access Points and Multiple PoE++ Ethernet Switches will be introduced. Future products like VoIP Phones and Security Cameras are also on the cards, providing customers with a wider range of choices.

In conclusion, SonicFi’s debut at CommunicAsia 2024 marks an essential move into the SMB market. Combining state-of-the-art cloud platform development and AI-driven optimization, its Ronto products promise to provide a cost-effective, efficient solution to overcome common challenges faced by SMBs with limited IT resources. With an expanding product line, SonicFi continues to demonstrate its commitment to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

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