Unlocking Telecom Growth: Huawei’s Dynamic OTT Strategy

In a market increasingly dominated by Over the Top (OTT) service providers, tech giant, Huawei, is innovating strategies to regain optimal revenue growth for telecom operators. Leveraging intelligent processing technologies, Huawei presents inspiring suggestions for operators to improve their products, services, and operational structures for better profitability.

Huawei’s Strategy for OTT Deployment

Huawei responds to the growing pressure from OTT video services with a convergent platform strategy. This platform combines OTT and IPTV systems, providing consistent experiences for users on both large-screen TVs and small-screen mobile devices. While it doubles the operators’ O&M costs, it simplifies network evolution and cuts overall investment.

Enhancing User Experience with Intelligent Video Services

To build ultimate experiences, Huawei proposes a product strategy focused on continually refining products and promoting content-centered services. Operators are urged to enhance their video operations in areas like education, games, and sports, introduce more specialized content and premium video packages to increase user value and satisfaction. Notably, Huawei’s CMAF standard reduces OTT live streaming latency by 70%, providing user experiences on par with live broadcasts.

Operational Strategies for Optimal Revenue Growth

Huawei lays out a refined operational strategy that orchestrates unified content copyright management and user operations. The strategy promotes combined development of video services across various devices, alongside the application of convergent home products. To maximize profits, operators are encouraged to perform refined operations on existing users and provide personalized video experiences through big data technologies.

As a climax to their revenue growth strategies, Huawei partnered with China Mobile to release a Set-Top Box (STB) and InteractVideo solution, transforming large-screen TVs into intelligent devices for diverse video services. Huawei’s commitment to pursuing optimal and innovative video services is sure to bring continuous business successes, user attraction, and overall revenue increase in the telecom industry.

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