CES Las Vegas Best Technology so far 2023

This week saw the return of one of the biggest ces tech consumer electronics events in the world. It was also, as always, a kaleidoscope of the novel and peculiar. The show debuted against a backdrop of huge layoffs at big firms, historically high inflation, and potentially additional regulations in the tech industry that will affect how businesses and start-ups create their upcoming goods.

Everyone from large corporations to small startups and everything in between came to Vegas to argue why their products were superior to everyone else’s. Because of this, it has been difficult to determine which announcements, if any, are important. The Help Desk can help with it.

We combed the exhibit hall for the CES 2023’s greatest, most fascinating, and outright oddest items. It should help you understand how your connection with technology in your life may alter, or at the very least, it should make you chuckle. Here is what we discovered at CES Las Vegas best technology so far in 2023.

An Alternative Method of Cord-Cutting

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Cable management is bothersome. Thankfully, some TVs in the future could nearly completely bypass them. Only if you exclude the power line can LG’s new 97-inch Signature OLED M3 be considered “the world’s first cordless OLED TV.”

Instead of connecting your set-top box, receiver, Blu-ray player, and gaming consoles to the side or rear of this device, you connect them to a box that beams visual data from those components directly to the M3 from up to 30 feet away.

This showy TV only supports 4K, in contrast to other fancy TVs sighted at CES. Even while the M3 appeared to function as expected on the exhibit floor, it’s unclear when we’ll be able to test whether the wireless connections are reliable because LG hasn’t yet announced a pricing or release date.

Honda and Sony Collaborate on Electrified Vehicles – Consumer Electronics Show

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By displaying prototype automobiles at CES Tech Show, Sony has been promoting the notion of producing its own cars for the past few years. Its ambitions are now beginning to take shape. Afeela is a new electric car brand being developed by Sony and Honda with the intention to introduce its first model in North America in 2026.

The Afeela prototype is packed with technology, as you would expect from a joint venture that is half-Sony, from a screen-filled media bar that extends from door to door to the numerous sensors required for capabilities like augmented reality navigation.

It could get some devoted supporters if the finished item resembles the prototype we sat inside in terms of appearance and feel.

A Laptop for Road Warriors

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Working on a laptop’s single screen when traveling might be excruciating if you have a good multi-monitor setup at home or at work. Lenovo’s remedy? Change the laptop’s keyboard for a whole different screen.

The brand-new Lenovo Yoga Book 9i is the most recent in a long line of peculiar dual-screen laptops that Lenovo has produced over the years, but this one may be the weirdest yet. To use the Yoga Book as a standard computer, you may open it partially and place the accompanying wireless keyboard on the bottom half.

But when you stand up this odd computer with a folding shell and place the keyboard in front of you, it really comes to life. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to multitask simultaneously on two 13.3-inch, high-resolution panels. Although some of the software still needs some refinement, this mobile productivity solution is exactly what some roadies have been asking for.

Stay Connected for Free when Flying – Virtual Reality

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Okay, so in-flight WiFi technology isn’t exactly cutting edge, but who doesn’t want to save money? On Thursday, Delta Air Lines announced that beginning on “more than 500 aircraft operating Delta’s most popular routes.”

All members of the company’s SkyMiles reward program would be able to utilize in-flight internet without charge. On as many devices as you brought, you will be allowed to watch movies online and send emails, but phoning is still prohibited.

Allow Your Samsung TV to Examine

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Being able to get an appointment with a doctor might occasionally seem like winning the lotto, let’s face it. Samsung, yeah, Samsung, is attempting to make it a bit simpler to obtain medical knowledge right away in order to assist. A built-in Telemedicine app on the company’s new smart TVs may be used to describe symptoms and establish a connection with an “appropriate” doctor.

According to Samsung, you can often get a medical professional on the line within 60 seconds, but you will need to pay a monthly membership fee in addition to a per-call charge. The business claims that when that is finished, you’ll be able to book a follow-up consultation and even have a prescription filled remotely.

A new app called Health Monitor uses your camera, if you have one, to look at your face and monitor vital indications including heart rate, breaths per minute, and blood oxygen saturation. This function relies on a method known as remote photoplethysmography, which isn’t as weird as it may sound.

The software uses this method to track minute color changes on your face while you breathe. There is, however, at least one potential drawback: This technology could not be equally effective for everyone.

AnalyzeYour Urine at Home

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Your feces are full of health-related hints, but it generally takes a trip to the doctor to begin unlocking them. Withings, a maker of smart scales and watches and a “connected health care” startup, is attempting to address this issue with a sensor inside your toilet.

The tool, known as U-SCAN, analyses the composition of your urine and sends results via a health monitor app. Two initial consumer versions, about to be made accessible in Europe, measure elements like vitamin C and hormone levels to track diet and menstrual cycles, respectively.

The sensor is a white disc the size of a hand that is positioned beneath the front rim of the toilet bowl. Since the business advertises “changeable analysis cartridges,” some rubber gloves could be useful. The gadget may be helpful for monitoring patients and performing research by medical experts in addition to use at home.

According to Withings, it can also assist with ovarian and bladder cancer screenings. We didn’t test this one on the exhibition floor for obvious reasons. However, given the prevalence of health-tracking devices and sensors in everyday objects like your bedside table, wrist, and finger, it seems inevitable that businesses will highlight the toilet as the next frontier.


These are some weird and best technologies so far at CES Las Vegas 2023. There are many other innovative and astonishing technologies that you can see by visiting CES Las Vegas 2023. The event hosts many amazing companies from large to small by leading the world into the future.


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