Change Crop Management with Taranis’ Field Timeline

Taranis has announced the release of its newest AI-powered tool, Field Timeline, which promises to be a game-changer for the agricultural industry.

Taranis Launches Field Timeline to Help Ag Advisors Better Manage Crops

Field Timeline is a revolutionary new tool developed by Taranis that provides ag advisors with a complete timeline of insights and trends for better crop management. The tool allows advisors to gain insight into stand counts, weed pressure, disease detection, insect pressure, and field health, all from a single dashboard. Advisors can filter insights to their specific needs, as well as review insights alongside weather and field health scores, enabling more informed decision-making.

Complete Crop Insights Available at a Glance for Full Management Visibility

The Field Timeline is a powerful addition to Taranis’ existing AcreForward solution, which enables advisors to improve planning and increase engagement with growers before, during, and after the season. Using the tool, users can toggle between timeline and map view for easier navigation of the field and drill down to leaf-level imagery. Providing both growers and advisors with full management visibility into crop conditions throughout the entire growing season.

AI-Powered Focus Empowers Growers to Optimize Yield and Profitability

Field Timeline is a game-changer for advisors and growers, making post-season assessments and pre-season planning much more effective,” said Taranis VP of Customer Success, Pablo Bruzzoni. The new tool provides growers and advisors with critical information that can help them to develop personalized plans and recommendations optimized for yield and profitability. The technology is powered by Taranis’ AI-powered crop intelligence platform, which uses full-service, leaf-level data capture to accelerate decision-making and simplify management, ultimately improving growers’ bottom line.

With headquarters located in Westfield, Indiana, Tel Aviv, Israel, and Campinas, Brazil, Taranis has worked with the world’s top agricultural retailers and crop protection companies, serving millions of acres for customers throughout the United States, Brazil, and Europe.


The release of Field Timeline marks an important milestone in the history of agriculture technology, as it enables advisors and growers to make more informed decisions, increasing yield and profitability. The tool is quickly becoming one of the most-used functionalities of the existing AcreForward solution, and Taranis is proud to be leading the way in crop intelligence and management.


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