Top Virtual Reality Health Projects that will Innovate the Medical Field

Amongst the domains where virtual reality is being applied, one of them is in the healthcare sector. In fact, healthcare has benefited from virtual reality the most as of yet.

k Top Virtual Reality Health Projects that will Innovate the Medical Field

There are a lot of health projects that are being led by various companies, some of the leading names in the tech world. We shall explore a few health projects that are on the path to completely rejuvenate the medical field.

Innovative Health Projects:

Few of the virtual health projects that shall innovate the medical field are as such:

Surgical Theatre

Some of the biggest healthcare companies, like Mayo Clinic, use the tech of Surgical Theatre. They are responsible for creating the innovative “Surgical Rehearsal Platform” that is being used for neurosurgical processes. Patients are allowed to view the simulations of their operation, which helps putting them at ease that the job being done is right, and they would not face some grievous disadvantages.

Moreover, these simulations help the doctors rehearse the process to ensure that nothing they do goes out of the norm and results in a failure.

Vicarious Surgical

The founder of the world’s leading tech giants Microsoft, Bill Gates is one of the prime funders of this project. Basically, this is one of the leading innovative companies that combine the tech of virtual reality with surgical robots, that resemble us, humans, to completely revolutionize the operation procedures. Robots can perform operations with more accuracy and the added facility of virtual reality ensures that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Osso VR

Osso VR uses virtual reality specially to train new surgeons to enter the field with more professionalism and skills. The VR simulations enable more intensive training of fresh surgeons with as minimal damage as possible (in fact, no damage since no real-life patients are involved).

Considering that the project of this company avails its potential to grow, it may change the very structure of medical-related education and training.


This project lasted more than a decade and is still ongoing further development for more effective solutions to truly innovate the medical field. The headset EYE SYNC can be worn to diagnose patients who have received a concussion. As time passes, we can expect much more innovation from these organizations regarding other eye-related health problems.

XR Health

This is a very social project that helps connect people having the same disease or health problems anonymously. This helps create a feeling of goodwill, peace, and enhances the composure of the patients. Moreover, they can help and guide each other better regarding their health conditions.

Other than that, remote healthcare is provided to patients via XR Health. This significantly reduces the waiting time in hospitals and clinics and increases feasibility for the patients.

Final Thoughts

With science and technology, there are no limits to innovation. Virtual reality, along with other developments like augmented reality is facilitating the medical field globally, and it is expected that VR will undergo more developments and evolutions, which will directly impact the medical field even more.


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