Revolutionizing Real-Time Threat Detection with AI: xSource.

The latest AI-powered security solution to ensure faster and more accurate threat detection in real-time. Megh Computing and O.W.L. have collaborated to develop xSource, which can quickly discern between data and intelligence, extracting the potentially crucial insights with ease from multiple data streams irrespective of their origin.

xSource: An AI-Powered Security Solution

xSource uses AI to analyze multiple data streams, draw logical inferences and generate intelligent decision recommendations using advanced contextual analytics engine regardless of their origin, be it security cameras or sensors. This helps mitigate the workload of security professional and provides critical real-time threat analysis.

How Contextual Analytics Help Mitigate Security Workload

The actionable insights provided by xSource result from the product’s contextual analytics, which provides a more complete and accurate understanding of available security data by analyzing the context of the data. The continuous learning done by xSource AI models ensures that the system will adapt and improve based on the latest information, trends, and patterns.

“Gone are the days when security operators were frantically going through multiple, stove-piped systems just to see the meaning of data. xSource is designed to help mitigate the workload of the security professional and tell the operator the meaning of threats happening in real-time and not just that something is happening,” said Tom Gates, O.W.L. president

O.W.L’s Integration with Megh Computing’s Analytics Platform

O.W.L. has also integrated with Megh Computing’s Open Analytics platform that unlocks actionable insights from existing cameras and sensors, providing a new level of precision and efficiency for organizations. The platform can create notifications based on alerts defined across different streams from cameras and/or sensors thereby supporting various use cases. O.W.L. is also showcasing its latest product offerings, including the new GA7360 3D Digital Radar at annual ISC West.

In conclusion, the xSource solution is set to revolutionize the security industry, delivering faster and more precise real-time threat detection to mitigate security workload. Its integration with Megh Computing’s analytics platform will provide a more in-depth and accurate understanding of available security data by analyzing the context of data.

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