China and Spain Strengthen Economic Ties with 1 Billion Euro Investment Deal

China and Spain have announced a 1 billion euro investment deal to strengthen their economic relations. The signing of 13 cooperation projects in fields such as commerce, trade, new energy vehicles, communications, finance, and sports reflects the solid progress made in China-Spain economic and trade relations in recent years. The volume of trade of goods between China and Spain exceeded 50 billion U.S. dollars for the first time in 2022, maintaining a good momentum of development.

Strengthening Economic Relations: China and Spain Announce 1 Billion Euro Investment

The 1 billion euro investment deal focuses on 13 cooperation projects aimed at boosting trade and investment between China and Spain. The projects span various sectors, including commerce, trade, new energy vehicles, communications, finance, and sports. The investment deal reflects the growing economic ties between China and Spain, with both countries looking to expand cooperation across various fields.

Promoting Pragmatic Cooperation: Focus on Trade and Scientific Innovation

The cooperation between China and Spain extends beyond trade and investment. The two sides are looking to strengthen pragmatic cooperation in fields such as scientific and technological innovation. Qin Weizhong, Mayor of Shenzhen, hopes to expand the current cooperation between China and Spain to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Laura Jarillo, D.D.G. of Asia, Non-European Union Europe and Oceania, highlights the hundreds of Spanish companies operating in China and leading enterprises in Shenzhen investing in Spain.

Mutual Benefits and Win-Win Results: Shenzhen and Spain Expand Cooperation

The exchange meeting between Shenzhen and Spain marks another milestone in the growing partnership between the two sides. Shenzhen is an important hub for technological innovation in China, while Spain excels in renewable energy, environment, and the automotive industry. The expansion of cooperation between the two sides is expected to bring mutual benefits and win-win results.

In conclusion, the 1 billion euro investment deal signed by China and Spain is a positive development in their growing economic ties. The investment spans a wide range of sectors, and both sides are looking to expand cooperation across various fields. This exchange meeting marks another milestone in their growing partnership, with mutual benefits and win-win results expected to arise from the expansion of cooperation between Shenzhen and Spain.


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