Empower Your Gaming Experience with iMerit’s Data Solution

iMerit has announced a unique Data Intelligence solution tailored to the needs of the video game industry. The solution consists of custom-developed tooling for AI and machine learning teams to build effective ASR and player behavior classification models.

iMerit’s Data Intelligence Solution for Video Game Industry

The video game industry has always been at the forefront of utilizing cutting-edge technology. With the industry’s rapid growth, game studios need to foster healthy communities while ensuring that players adhere to community guidelines. iMerit’s Data Intelligence solution provides studios with data that enables their AI models to work more effectively, delivering superior experiences for players while promoting better growth for studios.

Human-in-the-Loop Model Verification Workflows

iMerit’s solution consists of a highly-trained team of skilled annotation experts who deliver human-in-the-loop model verification workflows to AI teams. This allows them to build sophisticated systems that fine-tune content moderation models on contextual nuances. iMerit’s scalable solution enables studios to better understand nuanced gaming language, player intent, and terminology, giving them greater player oversight for maintaining positive gaming environments.

Enabling Studios to Better Understand Nuanced Gaming Language

Radha Basu, co-founder, and CEO of iMerit said “Having robust community and communication within video games is a major factor in helping game studios achieve rapid growth and retention. As studios turn to AI to better understand and flag gamer behavior, they require better data to ensure the models work as intended”. iMerit’s solution provides studios with the rich data they need to develop effective content moderation models.

Overall, iMerit’s unique data intelligence solution is highly beneficial for the video game industry. With its scalable and data-driven approach, AI teams can fine-tune their models while studios can maintain positive gaming environments.

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