Revolutionizing Content Creation: Contentstack Unveils OpenAI ChatGPT Integration

In a first for the headless CMS category, Contentstack has announced a ground-breaking AI integration using the OpenAI ChatGPT. The integration aims to provide an exponential gain in content creation velocity for Contentstack customers by enabling content teams to create, test, and translate short or long-form content in seconds utilizing the new AI assistant.

First-of-its-kind AI Integration for Headless CMS

The new integration of Contentstack’s industry-leading headless CMS and the AI-powered assistant, ChatGPT, will enable Contentstack customers to create a tone-specific, brand-worthy content in seconds. The AI assistant will be accessible through in-line UI extensions that will help create summaries, metadata tags & descriptions, outlines, headlines, and even full-length keyword-optimized blogs with just a few clicks.

The OpenAI ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that has been fine-tuned using machine learning techniques. The chatbot is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 family of large language models and has crossed the 100 million user mark within a few months of launch. Microsoft recently invested $10B USD in OpenAI to ramp up their development of cutting-edge AI technology.

Improving Content Creation with ChatGPT AI-powered Assistant

The integration of Contentstack and ChatGPT could not have been more apt as the VP of Product for Contentstack, Conor Egan, stated, “AI fits hand-in-glove with headless CMS and more broadly with a modern Composable DXP stack.”

The integration will enable content editors and publishers to access the AI assistant from within the Contentstack UI in seconds, allowing them to create thoughtful and relevant content that meets their business’s demands faster.

Composable DXP Vision: Power of AI to Simplify Digital Experience Creation

The OpenAI ChatGPT integration is part of the Composable DXP vision of Contentstack, which seeks to bring the power of AI and automation technologies to simplify the creation and delivery of digital experiences across the board.

This integration is the tip of the iceberg as Contentstack continues to develop new AI-assisted features and capabilities. With AI and automation technologies, transforming content creation, code development, and asset creation, Contentstack hopes to revolutionize the industry by bringing uncompromising scale and dependability to businesses that trust them to power their most critical content experiences.

Although the general availability of the ChatGPT integration is expected to occur in Spring 2023 through a single click integration in the Contentstack Marketplace, as of today, existing customers can sign up for the Early Access technology program to gain access to the groundbreaking AI-powered assistant.

The Contentstack team appears to be at the forefront of innovative solutions that are set to revolutionize the industry. Contentstack’s new AI-assisted ChatGPT integration is an example of how the company is taking steps to address the ever-changing landscape of digital experiences. By embracing the power of AI and automation, Contentstack is poised to establish itself as a leader in developing the technology for improved digital experiences.

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