CISO Global Unveils ‘Threat Informed’: A Giant Leap in Cybersecurity

In a significant move towards innovative cybersecurity, CISO Global is unveiling its latest creation, ‘Threat Informed’. As a managed cybersecurity and compliance provider well-known in the tech industry, the Arizona-based company is raising the bar with this new threat intelligence feed that uses DarkNet technology to help organizations stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

CISO Global Introduces ‘Threat Informed’

Primarily, ‘Threat Informed’ serves as an integrated component of the firm’s existing services as it expands its threat intelligence feed. Using proprietary DarkNet technology, CISO Global performs real-time DarkNet searches to substantiate a client’s security and to verify that they have not been compromised. Unlike many threat feeds containing outdated information, the company utilizes a unique process for keeping its threat feed up-to-date to guarantee accuracy and relevancy.

How ‘Threat Informed’ Revolutionizes Cybersecurity

Contrary to general threat intelligence feeds, ‘Threat Informed’ analyzes covert networks where valuable threat data are usually found. With more than 50% of all security breaches stemming from stolen or compromised login details as reported by Verizon, CISO Global has optimized its new product to keep track of compromised usernames and passwords within these clandestine networks. This meticulous preventive measure aids in thwarting potential security attacks before they even occur.

Future Trends in CISO Global Cybersecurity

Release of ‘Threat Informed’ is a part of CISO Global’s ongoing dedication to innovating ways for robust client protection. The service takes cybersecurity to a whole new level by mining and correlating data from new threat sources, effectively minimizing cybersecurity risks for customers. This commitment has led to decreased compromises amongst clients who have adopted CISO Global’s services compared to their earlier vulnerability state.

In conclusion, CISO Global is continuously striving for improved cybersecurity practices and service offerings like ‘Threat Informed’. This particular initiative is testament to the company’s commitment to stay one step ahead of cyber threats and to provide an integrated, effective cybersecurity strategy for its clients.

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