Convergix Accelerates Growth with Eagle Technologies Acquisition

Convergix Automation Solutions, backed by private equity firm Crestview Partners, has completed the acquisition of Eagle Technologies, a Bridgman-based systems integrator.

Convergix Acquires Eagle Technologies to Expand Reach

With this acquisition, Convergix aims to become a diversified automation solutions provider targeting the global $500+ billion market. This marks Crestview’s fourth acquisition in its strategy to expand Convergix’s capabilities and bring it more opportunities to provide exceptional custom automation solutions and services to its customers across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Eagle Technologies was founded in 1953 and has extensive expertise in high-value automated systems, end-to-end system integration, advanced product testing, and industry 4.0 solutions. With its innovation, quality solutions, and exceptional customer relationships, Eagle has worked with multinational customers from sectors such as electric vehicles and battery, consumer products, and life sciences.

Automation Solutions Industry Booming with $500B+ Market

The acquisition of Eagle Technologies will expand Convergix’s pro forma revenue to around $250 million. With this growth, Convergix will have over 900 employees in 25 locations worldwide, serving a broad range of end markets, including food and beverage, electric vehicles, renewable energy, life sciences, consumer products, automotive, general industry, and more.

Crestview’s strategy to build Convergix into a diversified automation solutions provider aligns with the booming automation solutions industry that targets the global $500+ billion market. With a particular focus on the global systems integration and connectivity segments, Convergix aims to provide comprehensive products, cutting-edge technology and services, and improve productivity and maximize talent.

Diversification Strategy Fuels Convergix’s Pro Forma Revenue Gain

Convergix’s acquisition of Eagle Technologies will bring significant scale, capabilities, and technical expertise to the platform, which resonates with Convergix’s strategy to accelerate growth and fill gaps in automation.

Mike Koziel, Eagle Technologies’ President Emeritus, and Brandon Fuller, its current President, will continue to work with Convergix’s team to serve global customers, leverage operational expertise, and maintain the culture of innovation and quality solutions that Eagle has built and nurtured throughout the years.


The acquisition of Eagle Technologies by Convergix Automation Solutions is part of Crestview’s strategy to expand Convergix’s capabilities, grow its operations worldwide, and provide comprehensive automation solutions to global customers.

Convergix’s diversification strategy fuels its pro forma revenue gain, targeting a $500+ billion market with a particular focus on the global systems integration and connectivity segments. Convergix aims to bring productivity, maximize talent, and improve customer satisfaction through custom automation solutions and services.

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