Secure Your Business Communications with Intermedia Unite Archiving

In the era of digital communication, businesses generate and process massive amounts of data across an array of channels, including chat messages, emails, phone calls, and video conferences. From a compliance standpoint, it is essential for businesses to retain this data for an extended period. That’s why Intermedia Cloud Communications, a leader in cloud communications, collaboration, and productivity solutions, has launched Intermedia Unite Archiving.

Intermedia Unite Archiving: A Comprehensive Solution for Business Communications

Intermedia Unite Archiving is an innovative data retention solution that safeguards vital business information and communications from accidental or inappropriate deletion. It automatically protects, preserves, and supports search and retrieval across critical business communications channels, including chat, SMS, phone call recordings, voicemails, video meetings, and contact center engagements. With digital archiving, Intermedia creates a secure and tamper-proof archive to store businesses’ valuable data in one central location, making it easier to search and retrieve critical information when needed.

Features and Benefits of Intermedia Unite Archiving for Businesses

The newly launched Intermedia Unite Archiving brings an array of features and benefits to businesses across various domains, including:

  • Compliance: Intermedia Unite Archiving helps businesses comply with various financial and healthcare regulatory requirements. Retention options support regulations that require certain communications to be retained for up to seven years, as well as internal governance.
  • Finding Critical Communications: With powerful contextual search capability, Intermedia Unite Archiving allows organizations to keep a record of communications sent and received, which helps ensure they have a copy of messages and associated documents stored safely without requiring users or administrators to save them. It allows businesses to quickly locate and retrieve messages and documents when needed, improving efficiency and productivity.
  • Continuity: Intermedia Unite Archiving automatically protects communications, simplifying the process for administrators to manage responsibilities’ transitions and make information available to the right users. It helps businesses to retain their corporate knowledge even when employees leave, creating a rich knowledge repository for the organization.
  • Disputes and Best Practices: Organizations can investigate and research disputes quickly and efficiently to support prompt resolution. Intermedia Unite Archiving helps businesses train staff on call handling techniques and customer interactions to improve performance, customer satisfaction, and retention.

Industry Compliance and Security: Intermedia’s Priority

Intermedia Unite Archiving offers a secure, searchable record to help quickly identify and retrieve relevant interactions. With end-to-end encryption on both data in transit and data at rest, Intermedia Unite Archiving provides maximum security. Clients can choose how long to store their data, from days to years, with retention options ranging up to 10 years. Moreover, Intermedia Unite Archiving supports compliance with various regulations, including HIPAA, FINRA, and MiFID II.

“At Intermedia, we understand the importance of capturing and safely storing the information that is shared across multiple channels,” said Michael Gold, Intermedia CEO. “We developed Intermedia Unite Archiving to ensure critical business communications are captured and easily searchable, both for businesses that require archiving to comply with regulations, as well as businesses that understand the importance of retaining their corporate knowledge. When this vast, growing base of knowledge is introduced to Generative AI, insights previously unavailable are suddenly and rapidly identified, resulting in a more informed, efficient, productive, and smarter organization.”

Intermedia Unite Archiving was developed following Intermedia’s acquisition of Akazio, a leading innovator in data and information archiving technology, last year. The solution has been developed as part of Intermedia’s mission to deliver the products and support that simplify and amplify business efforts.

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