Inpher and Azure Unite to Boost Secure Data Collaboration

In a significant collaboration, Inpher announced the full integration of its XOR privacy-preserving platform with Microsoft Azure confidential computing. The partnership aims to provide secure data orchestration solutions enabling data-driven enterprises to maximize their data value while ensuring regulatory compliance and privacy.

Inpher’s XOR Platform Integrates with Azure

Inpher, a pioneer in secure data collaboration, has successfully integrated its award-winning XOR platform with Microsoft Azure’s trusted execution environments (TEEs). The integration provides a solid foundation for data-driven enterprises to combine privacy-enhancing technologies while maintaining cryptographic security and regulatory compliance assurance, irrespective of the size, scope, or location of sensitive data sets.

Enhancing Security for Data-Driven Enterprises

The partnership between Inpher and Microsoft Azure makes it possible for enterprises to securely share expansive sensitive data sets across various locations. Azure confidential computing enables customers to move their most sensitive workloads and data to the cloud, ensuring data protection in use and in memory. With this integration, Microsoft customers can access Inpher’s XOR platform for improved data analytics and machine learning capabilities on disparate data sets while maintaining confidentiality and protection from external threats.

Unlocking Value with Privacy Preservation

Powered by Inpher’s XOR SaaS platform, data scientists can now train and run machine learning models on deeper and more diverse encrypted data, thereby improving model performance. Besides, the platform offers mathematically guaranteed data privacy and residency, which allows businesses to securely collaborate on sensitive data across various teams and organizations. The applications of Inpher’s XOR platform span various sectors, including finance, healthcare, and IoT.

In conclusion, the integration of Inpher’s XOR platform with Microsoft Azure confidential computing marks a significant step towards empowering data-driven enterprises to unlock their data’s potential securely. This partnership reinforces the commitment to enabling secure data collaboration and privacy preservation while enhancing data analytics and machine learning capabilities for businesses across industries.

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