DFRobot’s IoT Innovations Inspire Students at Bett

DFRobot, a leader in programming, robotics, and AI EdTech, has unveiled its latest Internet of Things (IoT) solutions at Bett, a leading educational technology show in London.

DFRobot Showcases Innovative IoT Solutions at Bett

DFRobot’s smart city and agricultural sensors are among the innovative IoT solutions being presented at Bett. With cameras and sensors installed in farms, the DFRobot system can observe plant growth in real-time. In the housing area, the system measures temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels, while the Lark Weather Station enables students to understand atmospheric motion state by measuring wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, and pressure. Additionally, water quality sensors measure pH and TDS, which facilitates timely understanding of water quality and the living environment of fish. All the data collected by DFRobot is displayed on a monitoring screen made with the user-friendly Mind+ Dashboard in different forms like line chart and bar chart.

Smart City and Agricultural Sensors: Real-Time Data Collection

The DFRobot smart city and agricultural sensors bring real-time data collection to the forefront of the educational technology world. With the ability to observe plant growth and measure various environmental conditions, the DFRobot system offers students an exciting, practical introduction to IoT data gathering. The data collected using cutting-edge sensors and cameras, is shown on a monitoring screen, enabling students to better understand trends, measure growth, and explore causes of any anomalies. The use of data graphs and dashboards will help students interpret IoT solutions in an easy-to-comprehend manner.

AI-Enabled Robotics Kits: Inspiring Students to Explore STEM

With Boson kits and projects that demonstrate coding with micro:bit, and the Huskylens AI Machine Vision Sensor, DFRobot’s AI-enabled robotics kits are designed to capture the imaginations of students and inspire them to explore the fascinating world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Visitors can learn how to make a simulated earthquake table using the Boson kit and create an Intelligent Transportation display using the Maqueen Plus and Maqueen Mechanics kits, which employ AI-enabled sensors that can recognize colors, objects, and perform corresponding actions.

In conclusion, DFRobot’s innovative IoT solutions showcase how IoT is changing the way students learn in the modern world. By making coding, programming, and AI accessible and practical, DFRobot inspires students to explore STEM and feel confident in the use of cutting-edge technology.


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