Dihuni Unveils Qubrid: Game-Changer in Quantum Computing

Dihuni, a leading AI, Data Center, and IoT solutions provider, has announced the launch of its Qubrid platform, aiming to revolutionize the Quantum Computing industry. Designed specifically for Quantum and Machine Learning/AI developers, the innovative platform brings together the best of Quantum and Classical computing.

Introducing Qubrid: Quantum and AI Platform

Qubrid offers a highly flexible platform where developers can work with their preferred framework and deploy their programs on Quantum Processing Units (QPUs) and/or Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) backends. The platform seamlessly integrates the widely adopted Qiskit framework and other open tools, ensuring developers have the freedom to choose their preferred algorithm-writing approach.

Simplifying Quantum Computing Adoption

The mission behind Qubrid is to simplify and accelerate the use of Quantum Computing for both scientific and commercial applications. By focusing on a pragmatic approach, Dihuni’s Chief Executive Officer, Pranay Prakash, emphasizes the platform’s compatibility with both Classical and Quantum computing. With Qubrid, developers can leverage the benefits of both types of computing within a single platform, enabling unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Qubrid Platform: Features and Benefits

Developers can sign up for Qubrid today and begin running new or existing applications by visiting the platform’s independent website. Qubrid promises to enhance computation speeds and enable optimized problem-solving, simulations, and data analysis. Users can harness the computational advantages of Quantum alongside Classical computing to address complex challenges with ease.

In conclusion, the Qubrid platform aims to bring a transformative solution to the world of Quantum Computing. By offering developers increased flexibility and harnessing the power of both Classical and Quantum computing, Qubrid promises to reshape the landscape of scientific research and commercial applications.

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