Huawei’s FTTH Fast Track: Swift Network Expansion for a Digital Europe

Huawei is launching FTTH Fast Track, an initiative aimed at reducing delivery lead times for optical access products and supporting Europe’s digital transformation. This program guarantees delivery within four weeks to up to 40 countries across the continent and comes on the heels of last year’s successful campaign that helped over 20 ISPs provide broadband to more than 30,000 users.

Accelerating FTTH Network Construction

The new FTTH Fast Track program features an expanded range of eligible product groups and countries, playing a critical role in helping ISPs accelerate the construction of FTTH networks to meet the increasing consumer expectations around network quality and performance. By offering faster delivery of Huawei’s intelligent all optical access network solutions, the program enables ISPs to stay competitive and quickly build FTTH networks.

Huawei’s Innovative Optical Solutions

Huawei’s SingleFAN Pro Solutions, such as Flex-PON OLTs and Wi-Fi 6 ONTs, are an essential part of the digital transformation journey, satisfying the ultra-broadband requirements of end users. Additionally, key products within the range include Huawei OptiXaccess MA5800 and Huawei OptiXstar ONT, which have received international awards for technical innovation. These solutions leverage embedded intelligent acceleration and Wi-Fi 6 to intelligently identify home services, thereby reducing latency for specific service types by at least half.

Driving Green Digital Transformation

Alongside the FTTH Fast Track program, Huawei unveiled its latest range of internet infrastructure solutions at the Huawei ISP Industry Summit in Madrid. These solutions facilitate the ISP industry’s green digital transformation through reduced energy consumption, energy-saving algorithms, and intelligent hibernation, resulting in a 15% decrease in energy consumption while maintaining compliance with CoC Europe broadband equipment power consumption standards.

In summary, Huawei’s FTTH Fast Track program aims to support ISPs in their digitalization journey by offering faster delivery of innovative optical solutions and enabling rapid FTTH network construction. With the ever-growing demands on network quality and performance, this program aims to help ISPs stay competitive and meet the needs of their customers while promoting a greener digital transformation within the industry.

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