ENNOVI’s Game-Changing Solution Disrupts Automotive Connectivity

Singapore-based mobility electrification solutions innovator, ENNOVI, is making waves with its latest release – ENNOVI-Net. This new Automotive Ethernet connector is not just customizable but holds a promising future for vehicle manufacturers with its unique features. Let’s understand more about this cutting-edge technology which promises to change the way automotive players operate.

Introducing ENNOVI’s Revolutionary ENNOVI-Net Connector

The ENNOVI-Net is a built-in automotive ethernet connector equipped to support 10Gbps functions. It stands out with its press-fit pins replacing the conventional system of through-board solder pins. Unlike other products with USCAR interface, the ENNOVI-Net connector brings unparalleled innovation by completely eliminating the need for soldering, thereby disrupting the marketplace.

Revolutionizing Assembly with Press-Fit Pins

ENNOVI-Net’s press-fit interconnects present a simpler and faster assembly process with the lowest likelihood of errors. This translates into manufacturing efficiency and cost savings by doing away with issues caused due to solder usage. The shorter and lower capacitance of press-fit pins also reduces resonance resulting in greater signal integrity. Not only does this technology simplify the assembly process, but it also aides in responsible production with a negligible effect on the environment, as opposed to solder fumes during the assembly process.

ENNOVI-Net’s High-Speed Application and Environmental Impact

Customizable to slot into specific board and connector interface positions, ENNOVI-Net is purposefully designed for broad application across numerous platforms such as ADAS ECUs, Zone Controllers, Radar Housings, Sensor Housings, and HV Powertrain controllers. It also boasts high durability with an impressive operational temperature range. As an industry pioneer, ENNOVI is committed to high-performing and environment-friendly production processes.

In summary, with the unveiling of the innovative ENNOVI-Net Automotive Ethernet connector, ENNOVI is poised to reshape automotive connectivity, offering enchanced productivity, reliability, and a newfound environmental sustainability. For more information on this promising technology, visit ENNOVI’s Website.

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