EZVIZ Unveils Game-Changing 4G Outdoor Security Camera

Smart home security innovator EZVIZ has announced its latest cutting-edge product: the EB8 4G outdoor camera. This 4G pan and tilt battery camera is designed to provide superior security coverage in areas with limited power or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Introducing EZVIZ EB8 4G: A Versatile Security Solution

The new EB8 4G camera from EZVIZ is a game-changer for those needing security in remote areas such as vacation homes, construction sites, and camping vehicles. The device is packed with advanced features like smart human-motion detection, 2K video quality, color night vision, and an active defense function to ensure maximum protection in any situation.

Stay Connected Anywhere with 4G Capability

Users can experience seamless connectivity without relying on shared Wi-Fi in public spaces. By simply inserting a 4G cellular card into the camera and using the EZVIZ mobile app, users get access to 360-degree video feeds in 2K resolution, receive human-motion alerts, and can view detection clips anytime and anywhere. The EB8 4G camera provides private security on a 4G network, eliminating the need for Wi-Fi connectivity.

Impressive Features for Enhanced Security and Durability

Designed for the outdoors, the EB8 4G comes with a large, 10,400 mAh battery and is compatible with EZVIZ’s solar panel for eco-friendly power. Built to withstand harsh weather conditions, this camera lets users truly “set it and forget it.” With the EZVIZ app’s GPS location-viewing tool, users can easily locate the camera, even when installed in remote areas. Other noteworthy features include:

  • Smart human-motion detection with auto-tracking
  • One-click return to pre-set angles
  • Active defense with siren and strobe light
  • Supports up to 512GB microSD Card

In conclusion, the EZVIZ EB8 4G camera is an innovative and versatile security solution for individuals seeking a single device to monitor outdoor spaces in remote areas. Its advanced features, durable design, and 4G capabilities make it a valuable addition to any security setup.


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