Groundbreaking ReliaCOR 40-13: Eurotech’s Game-Changer for Cybersecurity

In a recent milestone in the field of Industrial Technology and Cybersecurity, Eurotech, a pioneer in integrated IT/OT cybersecurity solutions, announced its revolutionary product, the ReliaCOR 40-13. Touted as the first Ignition Ready Industrial PC (IPC), this device is designed to meet the accelerating demands for edge workload consolidation and rigid cybersecurity protocols.

Introducing Eurotech’s Ignition Ready Industrial PC

ReliaCOR 40-13, a product of Eurotech, comes pre-installed with Ignition by Inductive Automation. This IPC is specifically engineered to streamline the management of scalable modern SCADA industrial solutions, simplifying the deployment process. Notably, the device adheres to the ISA Secure and IEC 62443-4-1/4-2 standard, reinforcing its security prowess and making it a robust OT foundation for industrial applications.

Enhanced Cybersecurity in Industrial Applications

In today’s advanced digital environment, cybersecurity remains a paramount concern for many organizations. With the ReliaCOR 40-13, Eurotech aims to address this concern comprehensively. This IPC is designed and certified to provide a secure foundation in line with industry standards. Its certifications from ISA Secure / IEC 62443-4-1/-4-2 affords peace of mind to System Integrators and End Users concerned about data protection and regulatory compliance.

Streamlining Deployment with Zero-Touch Provisioning

Apart from the top-tier cybersecurity features, Eurotech adds a unique touch to ReliaCOR 40-13 with its Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and Cybersecurity Wizard. These features simplify the otherwise complex processes associated with secure cloud setup, connection and deployment at scale. In essence, it reduces the set-up time to just a few minutes for an entire fleet of devices, delivering a smartphone-like experience for Ignition deployments.

In conclusion, Eurotech’s ReliaCOR 40-13 sets new industry standards combining advanced cybersecurity features with powerful hardware capabilities. It streamlines industrial applications and enhances security, making it an ideal solution for the current demands of the industrial IT/OT sector. With early access in May 2024, industrial tech enthusiasts have a game-changer to look forward to.

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