Hexaware Buys Softcrylic: A Power Move in Data Analytics

In a significant move underscoring the fusion of tech prowess and marketing cognizance, Hexaware Technologies has announced its acquisition of data consulting firm, Softcrylic. This merger is set to bolster marketing analytics and data application, signalling compelling advancements in the digital transformation landscape.

Enhancing Business Growth: Hexaware Acquires Softcrylic

The acquisition, as per Hexaware’s Global Head of Data & AI, Girish Pai, is a strategic alignment with Hexaware’s vision of becoming a preferred partner for clients’ needs around marketing and customer analytics. Softcrylic’s rich data capability infused with marketing analytics expertise will enable Hexaware to help its clients unlock data’s power, thereby driving tangible business outcomes.

The Unique Blend of Expertise from Softcrylic

Softcrylic, recognized for its unique blend of data strategy and engineering expertise, brings a fresh vigour to Hexaware’s already robust offerings. The company tackles complex data challenges, ranging from capture and validation to modeling and activation. Alongside multi-tiered marketing stack expertise across Adobe, Google, and Salesforce, Softcrylic’s capabilities with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS enable organizations to harness their data and glean deeper insights.

About Hexaware and Softcrylic: A Closer Look

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Softcrylic is a data consulting firm that helps organizations monetize their data. They offer a range of services from strategy and advisory to data management support. On the other hand, Hexaware is a global technology and business processes services company, presently operating in 16 countries and empowering enterprises worldwide to realize digital transformation at scale and speed.

By merging Softcrylic’s potent data capabilities with Hexaware’s technological competence, the collaboration is set to level up the game of data-driven transformation in business processes, effectively empowering enterprises to make strategic use of their data. This merger exemplifies innovation and strategic growth in the current tech startup sphere.

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