Harmonic Unveils Game-Changing CableOS Platform at ANGA COM 2023

Harmonic, a global leader in virtualized broadband and video delivery solutions, announces its plans to showcase its cutting-edge CableOS® Broadband Platform at the upcoming ANGA COM 2023 event. The platform, which leads the industry in enabling sustainable, high-speed fiber and Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial (HFC) broadband networks, will be demonstrated in a variety of innovative use cases.

Harmonic Showcasing CableOS at ANGA COM

At ANGA COM 2023, Harmonic will exhibit its cloud-native, software-based CableOS Broadband Platform, a solution trusted by leading operators worldwide. The platform’s core unification allows for greater network agility, enabling providers to swiftly bring competitive symmetrical multi-gigabit services to the market. Harmonic Senior Vice President and General Manager Nimrod Ben-Natan highlights the platform’s ability to deliver fiber speeds sustainably and reliably.

Innovative Use Cases and Sustainability

Harmonic will demonstrate the CableOS Platform and intelligent network edge devices for various unique use cases at ANGA COM, including:

  • Next-gen broadband experiences and fiber speeds over DOCSIS network: Achieving symmetric multi-gig speeds over a DOCSIS 3.1 network using the virtualized CableOS Platform and network edge devices.
  • Fiber and DOCSIS network convergence, future-readiness, and simple operations: Showcasing hybrid solutions for deploying high-speed fiber and DOCSIS broadband services from the same node, alongside new cloud-based applications in the CableOS Central analytic system for Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) and fiber networks.
  • Sustainability innovations for optimized power management: Introducing patented adaptive power-saving features compatible with Oyster and Ripple Remote PHY nodes, enabling operators to intelligently lower power consumption across the inside and outside plant footprint.

Harmonic’s Global Impact on Broadband

Today, the Emmy Award-winning CableOS Platform powers next-generation broadband services for over 90 innovative service providers worldwide, including leading operators in the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The platform revolutionizes broadband networking by offering a fast path to 10G broadband for operators of all sizes.

In summary, Harmonic’s presence at ANGA COM 2023 aims to further demonstrate the company’s commitment to advancing the future of sustainable, high-speed broadband networks around the globe using their industry-leading CableOS Broadband Platform. This event presents an opportunity for attendees to witness first-hand the innovative use cases and sustainability improvements made possible by Harmonic’s groundbreaking technology.

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