Boost Your Sales with Chuzo: DIRECTV Retailers’ Game-Changer

Chuzo, a cutting-edge platform developed by PerfectVision, allows retailers to efficiently sell DIRECTV’s top-of-the-line video products while also managing various broadband service providers within a single solution. This innovative platform provides unparalleled business advantages, streamlining sales and operations for retailers and allowing them to meet their customers’ unique demands.

Chuzo: A Comprehensive Solution for Retailers

Chuzo can do much more than just manage order entries—it is an all-in-one platform that combines vital business tools for customer relationship management, order entry, operations, finance, and reporting. The platform’s user-friendly design and customizability enable DIRECTV retailers to easily adapt Chuzo to their specific needs, allowing them to sell multiple products from renowned broadband, video, and security brands all within a single interface.

Key Features and Benefits of Chuzo

Chuzo includes a wide range of powerful features designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Some key features include project management, invoicing, billing, financial reporting, time tracking, and more. By automating many daily tasks, Chuzo enables businesses to concentrate on their core mission: growing their business. According to one beta user, “Chuzo has already saved me countless hours of work and improved my bottom line. I can’t recommend it enough!”

PerfectVision and DIRECTV Partnership

Dwight Coates, CIO at PerfectVision, expressed excitement about the launch of Chuzo and its potential to help DIRECTV reach its objectives. PerfectVision has been a partner with DIRECTV for over 25 years and is eager to see retailers use Chuzo to submit orders, maintain customer relationships, increase sales, and enhance customer service. By offering a competitive edge within their industry, Chuzo will help them build even greater businesses.

In conclusion, Chuzo is set to revolutionize the way retailers sell DIRECTV products and manage their operations. By streamlining crucial aspects of their business and providing extensive features, Chuzo will enable businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive market. For more information and to sign up for a free trial, visit


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