Portwell Unveils Game-Changing PCOM-B883VG2 Module

Portwell has announced the development of its new PCOM-B883VG2 COM-HPC Client Type Size B module, a high-performance solution built upon the latest 13th Gen Intel Core processors, suitable for use in embedded systems and IoT edge computing applications.

Portwell Releases PCOM-B883VG2 Module

The PCOM-B883VG2 is based on the COM-HPC Revision 1.15 design specification and features 13th Gen Intel Core embedded processors with up to 14 cores, combining 6 Performance-cores (P-cores) and 8 Efficient-cores (E-cores). The 20-thread compute capabilities, coupled with the Intel 7 advanced lithography process, provides excellent energy efficiency, making it ideal for designing fan-less and small-scale system solutions for edge computing.

Diverse Applications Across Industries

With high scalability and I/O performance, the Portwell PCOM-B883VG2 COM-HPC module finds applications across numerous industries. It can be deployed in edge servers and serve as a core computing component for various embedded computers such as those used in medical equipment, transportation systems, industrial instrumentation, ruggedized field computers, and defense systems. The module’s compact size and reliable operation under limited cooling conditions make it an excellent choice for edge AI computing applications.

Portwell’s Expertise and Support

Portwell, a dedicated industrial and embedded computing solution provider with over 30 years of experience, offers comprehensive project support covering product design, design guidelines, circuit diagram reviews, and technical expertise for its PCOM-B883VG2 module. In addition to assistance in production and certification processes, Portwell also provides a product roadmap to help customers plan upgrades and new projects.

In summary, the Portwell PCOM-B883VG2 COM-HPC Client Type Size B module offers a versatile, high-performance, and reliable computer-on-module solution for various embedded computing applications. With its cutting-edge technology and the technical expertise of Portwell, the PCOM-B883VG2 is set to redefine industry applications of embedded systems and IoT edge computing.


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