Transforming Gigabit Market: Huawei Unleashes F5.5G Power

In a bid to embrace market prosperity and take full advantage of the booming gigabit market, Huawei has proposed a cutting-edge F5.5G all-optical target network. The company’s approach seeks to significantly enable the transition of optical broadband towards the realm of intelligence-driven 10Gbps connections.

Unveiling Huawei’s F5.5G All-Optical Target Network

The F5.5G all-optical target network Huawei proposes is built on a solid foundation of three highly capable network attributes and four layered network architectures. With the goal of achieving 10Gbps ubiquitous access, reducing metro network latency to 1ms, and maintaining a backbone network with astounding 99.9999% availability, Huawei is poised at the forefront of the field. Furthermore, Huawei solidifies its cutting-edge architecture through 50G PON access to homes and enterprises, and connects 10Gbps within rooms.

Gigabit Market Potential with Huawei’s Innovations

The global gigabit user base is close to 200 million strong and over 50 carriers have moved towards 10Gbps commercial packages. In response to this exponential surge, Huawei has put forth the FlexPON+ solution. This innovation is designed to aid carriers in the transition from GPON to 10G PON, or even 50G PON, at an optimal cost. Protecting carriers’ investment and fostering the evolution of the gigabit user base is a priority for Huawei.

Revolutionizing Connectivity with Huawei’s F5.5G

Recognizing the migration of 85% of enterprise applications to cloud by 2025, Huawei gives enterprises a competitive edge with its ultra-low latency metro network. Huawei’s Alps-WDM solution, deploying 100G and 200G OTN at the edge of the metro network, ensures cloud access within milliseconds. A backbone network endowed with Huawei’s high-performance 400G and 800G OTN, and the industry’s first data center-oriented OTN product, OSN 9800 K36, provide enhanced network availability.

As Kim Jin of Huawei reassured, the company will persist in its innovation guided by the F5.5G all-optical target network strategy to help operators harness the opportunities within the unfolding gigabit market and expedite the commercial use of F5.5G. This move paints an encouraging picture for the future of optical broadband, elevating it from a video-driven 100 Mbps to a mind-blowing 10Gbps. Huawei’s F5.5G all-optical target network is truly a game-changer.

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