Huawei Vaults Ahead with Autonomous Data Center Technology

During the Huawei IP Club Carnival at MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei and The Tolly Group announced the impressive results of the test report for Huawei’s Level 4 (L4) data center autonomous driving network solution. This milestone reflects Huawei’s unyielding commitment to pushing data center networks into a new era of highly autonomous driving.

Huawei’s L4 Data Center: A Milestone in Automation

An evaluation by The Tolly Group revealed that Huawei’s CloudFabric solution demonstrates exceptional deployment efficiency, usability, maintainability, reliability, and network performance optimization. As a result, this solution achieved an impressive overall score of 4.02 out of 5.0. With this, Huawei firmly establishes itself as an industry leader, being the only company recognized for implementing an L4 data center autonomous driving network.

Unique Features of Huawei’s Data Center Autonomous Solution

Huawei’s autonomous network solution stands out due to its superb connectivity and introduction of the network digital map functionality. This feature offers significant advantages by providing a unified orchestration, simulation, and verification. It also offers an integrated application and network O&M for multi-cloud heterogeneous networks, extending from general-purpose computing networks to multi-architecture networks with both intelligent and general-purpose computing.

Huawei’s Vision for the Future of Autonomous Data Centers

Looking forward, Huawei plans to accelerate the adoption of L4 data center autonomous driving network technologies via collaboration with industry partners. The main objective is to propel data center networks towards an autonomous driving era characterized by agile business operations, unparalleled user experience, and streamlined O&M efficiency.

In summary, Huawei’s development of the L4 data center autonomous driving network sets a bold precedence. The company’s keen focus on innovation, service defense, and understanding of their customers’ needs has paid off significantly. Huawei is clearly setting the pace in the journey towards a strategic technological paradigm shift.

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