ZTE Unleashes Future-Ready 5G-Advanced Innovations at MWC 2024

ZTE Corporation, an international leader in providing information and communication technology solutions, recently put forward a compelling display of its plans for the 5G-Advanced (5G-A) era at the MWC Barcelona 2024. With a series of innovative products and insightful views from senior executives, ZTE further solidified its position at the forefront of this technology advancement.

ZTE Launches Innovative 5G-Advanced Products at MWC Barcelona 2024

During the “5G-Advanced Innovation and New Product Release Conference”, ZTE unveiled 10 innovative 5G-A products. These products, ranging from simple and efficient UBR and FDD M-MIMO products to mmWave products and NTN ground base stations, aim to extend 5G-A scenarios and offer rich applications for B2C and B2B operations. Furthermore, they pave the way for the advent of 5G-A commercial usage.

Senior Executives Discuss Exciting Prospects of 5G-Advanced

Top executives from ZTE, including Senior Vice President Zhang Wanchun and Vice President Li Xiaotong, shared their enthusiasm and predictions for the future facilitated by 5G-A. Wanchun illustrated the paradigm shift in people’s living, working, and entertainment practices promised by the introduction of 5G-Advanced. He also called for industry-wide cooperation towards a more connected and smart world. Meanwhile, Li Xiaotong elaborated on the enhanced capabilities of 5G-A in eMBB, mMTC, and uRLLC scenarios. Furthermore, he spoke on its potential to discover value in different domains, demonstrating the promising future for 5G-A.

China’s Leading Telecom Operators Share Insights on 5G-Advanced Capabilities

Representatives from China’s major telco operators such as China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, throughout the conference, shed light on their experiences and insights related to the utilization of 5G-A technology. Topics covered included the growth trends of the low-altitude economy, the role of 5G-A in strengthening the sector, and the advancements achieved by China Telecom. Their collective wisdom emphasized the importance of 5G-Advanced in exploring new tracks and sparking limitless opportunities, practically implementing commercial usage of 5G-A technology, and taking on the challenges of high interference and frequent handovers in the low-altitude scenario.

In conclusion, ZTE’s showcase at the MWC Barcelona 2024 conference keynoted new strides in 5G-Advanced innovation. By unveiling a range of new products and collaborating with major telecom operators in China, ZTE has set a robust foundation for the large-scale construction and accelerated commercial use of 5G-A technology, all while driving a deep, global digital, and intelligent transformation. As we step into the future, we can look forward to an increasingly connected world enabled by the continued innovation of ZTE and its industry counterparts.

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