IC Manage Boosts NXP’s Product Quality with GDP-XL

IC Manage, a leader in design management solutions, has recently announced that its state-of-the-art application, GDP-XL, is now actively deployed by NXP Semiconductors. NXP is utilizing the novel IP Catalog to enhance engineering efficiency and improve product quality, demonstrating a significant step in the evolution of IC design workflows.

NXP Semiconductors Adopts IC Manage GDP-XL

NXP Semiconductors has integrated IC Manage’s GDP-XL IP Catalog into its global IC design processes. This tool offers a unified IP publishing chain and furnishes a flexible IP search feature, thereby facilitating greater engineering effectiveness and superior product quality. With GDP-XL, NXP is simplifying the internal processes for IP developers to qualify both analog and digital IP, promoting their reuse across different types of enterprises.

Enhancing Engineering Efficiency with IC Manage

IC Manage’s GDP-XL IP Catalog, with its robust search capability and intuitive user interface, has made it much easier for IP consumers to locate the ideal IP that aligns with their product needs. Udi Landen, Vice President of Engineering Design Enablement at NXP, emphasized the difficulties of IP reuse, attributing the issues to the variety of historic designs and diverse methodologies in use. He commended IC Manage for its role in surmounting these challenges, facilitating the delivery of a global IP Catalog, and allowing them to derive full value from their IP assets.

Key Capabilities of IC Manage GDP-XL Utilized by NXP

Among the impactful capabilities of the GDP-XL IP Catalog that NXP has adopted are the logically arranged IP classification hierarchy, the hierarchical IP metadata schema for simple navigation, and search pages that are tailored for each IP classification. Included also are real-time data integration from the PLM system, project usage reporting to track IP versus completed IC projects, and high-level access and edit controls to guarantee data integrity.

In conclusion, NXP Semiconductors’ integration of IC Manage’s GDP-XL IP Catalog marks a significant leap forward in their IC design processes. With its new capabilities for IP management and search, NXP is set to accelerate improvements in product quality and engineering efficiency, heralding exciting new possibilities in the semiconductor industry.


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