iFlytek AI Writer Wows BEYOND Expo, Redefines Content Creation

Leading Chinese AI and voice enterprise, iFlytek, showcased its groundbreaking intelligent web-page application, iFlytek AI Writer, at BEYOND Expo 2023. The innovative product helps users create well-structured scripts in seconds, enabling efficient content production and improved communication in the workplace.

iFlytek Showcases AI Writer at BEYOND Expo 2023

The iFlytek AI Writer application has gained significant attention at BEYOND Expo 2023. As a result of its advanced capabilities, it can automatically generate meeting minutes, work agendas, and plans based on AI analysis of audio files. Additionally, the application supports AI dialogs and content traceability. Journalists at the event were impressed by the “Generation of A Script with a Single Click” feature, with some stating that it provides the headline news for the day’s activities.

Enhancing Communication in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Area

As a renowned AI and voice enterprise in the Asia-Pacific region, iFlytek is committed to breaking down language barriers and fostering multilingual communication. Their popular application, iFLYREC APP, has garnered 55 million users already and supports transcription and translation services in Cantonese and over ten other languages. During important events like the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in 2023, iFLYREC APP was used by media outlets to record conference highlights and generate scripts promptly. It has also been used to provide AI subtitles to Cantonese videos, saving time and effort in manual subtitling and time-coding.

iFlytek’s Global Growth and Multilingual Services

iFlytek has been rapidly expanding its international business and is now a standard voice transcription and translation supplier for global events like the Beijing Winter Olympics and World Team Table Tennis Championships Finals Chengdu. The company has also launched its Japanese version of iFLYREC APP, called “Voiter Notes,” in 2021, which supports Japanese-English transcription services. This marks a significant milestone for Chinese AI enterprises going global.

In summary, iFlytek’s AI Writer application has been receiving wide attention at BEYOND Expo 2023, showcasing the company’s commitment to enhancing communication and breaking language barriers, particularly in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao area. Its rapid global growth highlights the potential for further expansion, and the new multilingual services offered by iFlytek promise a bright future for the company’s AI-driven solutions.

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