iMocha Projects will boost Your Tech Assessments

iMocha, a skills intelligence and assessment platform, has launched iMocha Projects, a project-based assessment tool for talent development leaders.

iMocha Projects: Revolutionizing Tech Assessments

Traditional methods of tech assessments, such as single-task coding assessments and whiteboard interviews, may not be enough to determine an employee’s problem-solving and contextual understanding ability. iMocha Projects addresses these challenges by automating time-consuming, manual evaluations and offering real-world project-based assessments to evaluate employee skills.

Real-World Challenges for Experiential Learning

iMocha Projects provide an experiential learning method that goes beyond syntax and logic evaluation seen in coding assessments. With iMocha Projects, talent development leaders can bridge the gap between skills assessment and hands-on knowledge application. The platform provides everything required to successfully execute a project, including data and problem statements. Furthermore, talent development leaders can analyze their employees in detail through the skill analytics offered by the tool.

Bridging the Gap Between Talent Development and Job Skills

Sujit Karpe, CTO and co-founder of iMocha, explained that iMocha Projects is an innovative solution that helps talent leaders objectively evaluate employee’s real-life skills. The project-based assessments enable talent development leaders to demonstrate the true value of their learning and development programs while measuring training effectiveness objectively. By seeing the ROI from their talent development initiatives, talent leaders can make smarter talent decisions.

Overall, iMocha Projects offer a comprehensive solution for talent development leaders to evaluate their employees’ real-world skil

ls and analyze their skill gaps to create personalized learning paths. With a library of more than 2500 assessments, proctoring, fraud detection, and custom assessment consulting, iMocha is helping more than 500 organizations globally to acquire job-fit talent quickly.

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