Boost Your Security: Hybrid Solutions for Comprehensive Protection

GardaWorld, a privately owned security and cash services company, has collaborated with ECAMSECURE technology to launch Hybrid Security Solutions. The new service addresses the growing sophistication of unpredictable threats, requiring the combination of expertise and technology to safeguard communities and properties.

The Evolution of Threats: Importance of Hybrid Security Solutions

Hybrid Security Solutions offers an innovative approach to address the increasingly dynamic and complex nature of threats facing businesses and institutions. With a combination of on-site security teams, property personnel, and AI technology powered by remote video analytics. This creates a more efficient, effective, and cost-saving security solution. It is designed to maintain a protective force multiplier under any circumstances, delivering comprehensive security outcomes.

Advanced Technology Meets Physical Security for Comprehensive Protection

In this market-disrupting security solution, ECAMSECURE’s AI technology has the capability to perform a comprehensive analysis of unexpected work hazards, damages, loitering and other potential threats at large and vast spaces. When a threat is confirmed, patrolling guards are empowered with complementary AI support, ensuring optimal security outcomes. Industries such as distribution and logistics, manufacturing, oil and gas, higher education, healthcare, real estate, utilities and infrastructure, data centers, food and agriculture, and others, will benefit from Hybrid Security Solutions’ advanced capabilities.

Industries that would Benefit from Hybrid Security Solutions

Hybrid Security Solutions is the ideal fit for businesses that require complete coverage across where a normal man’s eyesight may fall short. It serves as a force multiplier, providing comprehensive security outcomes. Industries that would benefit from this innovative security solution include, but are not limited to, distribution and logistics, manufacturing, corporate campuses, oil and gas, higher education, healthcare, commercial and residential real estate, utilities and infrastructure, data centers, food and agriculture, and more.

According to Prentice Robertson, the Chief Operating Officer of Security Services, “Hybrid Security truly represents the best of humanity with the best of technology.”

With the preferred partner of both private enterprises, governmental organizations and multinationals, GardaWorld is committed to gaining their clients’ trust by providing quality and integrity-oriented services. For more information visit


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