Improve Fleet Safety: Geotab and Lytx’s Surfsight Camera Solution Comes to Europe

Geotab and Lytx have partnered to make their Surfsight integrated camera solution available in Europe. The product is the first available in Europe through Geotab’s new Order Now Programme, which enables customers to purchase the dash camera directly from the MyGeotab platform. 

Geotab and Lytx Announce Availability of Surfsight Camera Solution in Europe

The Lytx Surfsight AI-12 dash cam is designed to improve fleet safety through continuous recording and advanced machine vision (MV) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The dash cam solution is the first to be available in Europe as part of Geotab’s new Order Now Programme.

Lytx camera solutions capture 3 billion miles of driving data each month resulting in a driving database of quality needed for accuracy with around 364,000 risky driving events each day.

AI Technology and MV of Surfsight Dash Cam to Improve Fleet Safety

The Surfsight intelligent dash cam integrates with Geotab’s telematics platform, providing fleets with enhanced in-cab safety and security features. The Surfsight AI-12 also offers distracted driving detection, audio-visual alerts, and the ability to connect auxiliary cameras. Through the streamlined Order Now programme, customers can place orders directly from within MyGeotab. 

Damian Penney, Lytx EMEA Vice President said “It makes it simple for partners to integrate with Geotab and to provide our AI camera solutions to as many fleet customers as quickly as possible.”

Benefits of Surfsight Camera Integration with Geotab’s MyGeotab Platform

Customers can combine the camera recordings and telematics data to create custom rules specific to each company’s policies. The solution also records and downloads video of any event triggered by Geotab’s rules engines and by the camera for use in coaching, incident clarification and more.

The integration of Surfsight’s solution with Geotab’s MyGeotab platform opens the door to new possibilities in fleet management through increased visibility for Geotab-equipped fleets.  


Geotab’s Order Now Programme provides customers with a streamlined and unified experience, seamlessly expanding their Geotab solution with a few simple clicks. With ongoing technical support for the new product, the programme will allow for additional third-party solutions that join the programme, enhancing the customer’s experience.

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